Apr 14 2008

Memo To Terrorists: We Are Sending Spies To Watch You! Signed, Lord Monty Python

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Sometimes you just have to wonder at the cluelessness of some organizations. This is especially common when the organizations involved are government entities trying to protect their nation and the news media seemingly oblivious to how ridiculous they are being. Case in point: why would any government agency let the news media publicly tell terrorist cells that the government wants to enlist spies to infiltrate said terrorist cells? Apparently some brain dead folks in the UK seem just fine with this silly approach:

A TEAM of Scottish spies are being recruited to tackle terrorists here.

The secret operation will see an increase in MI5 activity in Scotland in a bid to prevent outrages such as the Glasgow airport attack.

An insider said: “MI5 are looking for Scots who know the region, know the people and can talk the talk.

“Once they are trained, they will need to get out in the field as soon as possible and start finding potential informants.”

Sounds like a plan out of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks (or more aptly ‘Silly Talk’).

Why would anyone destroy the element of surprise and stealth required for spying by having the plan announced in the news? Think about it, terror cells who all of sudden find they have new contacts or help would know to check the person out to see if they were one of those newly advertised (and low payed) spies MI5 announced in the newspaper. Better yet, why not have terrorist apply for the job as spy and feed misinformation?

Did anyone in the government or the newspaper even stop to think about what they were saying or printing? This is a war on terror? Seems more like a comedy skit, which is sadly real and very dangerous in its implications. What a silly place the world has truly become.

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  1. aerawls says:

    They are going to end up paying a bunch of terrorists to be moles in MI5.