Apr 14 2008

Obama Was Right For Wrong Reasons

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Is America bitter with government. Hell yes, look at the polls. Is America bitter because government doesn’t provide all we need? Hell, no. Few people want handouts, and fewer want bureaucrats meddling with their lives, which is the price of handouts.

And for those who believe all the BS pols spout about what they will do for them and are bitter they are not getting what they wanted? Well, it is time to grow up. Obama said America is bitter that government has not functioned. Well it has not functioned because of out of control partisanship, rancor and basically behavior that would not be tolerated in any other area of society. Lies about others, lies about what they will do for us, graft and corruption – it seems Americans have a right to be bitter with the low caliber and unprofessionalism that has permeated the offices of elected officials, the news media and the talking heads who create a living out of ringing the alarm bells.

Polls show Americans are very happy with their lives, it is America which is off track. Scott Rasmussen notes a strong majority disagree with the ugly picture Obama paints of this great nation. A measely (and bitter) 25% agree with him. The same liberal elite that has made up 25% of the population forever. It is not something wrong with middle or small town America, the problem is in DC, news rooms, in our entertainment industry, in the ad agencies. The problem is not the core of America, it is the rot elsewhere.

Obama had a handle on this election when he ran on ‘change’. Problem is he is just more of the same in a new, slicker package. Get beneath the facade and you have a pol who sees nothing in America to harness or grow, he just sees a bunch of people not following the right path. That is the problem with partisans these days (even some on the right spend too much time looking for purity instead of potential).

After years of false promises America is fed up. We are older, wiser and much more attuned to how things should work and do work in DC. Two things have created this mess. One is the information age and the explosion of knowledgeable voices on the blogs who have torn back the curtains of the media and those in power. We have had a good look at the mess behind the curtain and have realized those we once admired were good at weaving fantasies, not solving problems.

The other culprit in this malaise and angst is our aging baby-boomer population. As they hit the ends of careers and look forward they are just not satisfied. The biggest moaners are those who miss the days of hippies and love and peace – more fantasies that never were going to come true. Look at the complaints about the war on terror! Too hard, we are causing the hate, why can’t we just all get along. It is pathetic really. I have had to follow the boomers my entire life, and I have never seen a more self-centered and demanding group (on the whole, there are plenty of exceptions in a population that big). They tossed out tradition and religion for freedom of expression and freedom from responsibility. And they never found their Nirvana.

Are we bitter? Hell no – we are just about to clean house and let some younger, more positive blood take over. There is a bright future out there. And it will be fun getting there without all the doom and gloomers who find infinite reasons not to do something. There is no perfection folks, just progress. Time to get over the fantasies. Government is not a fairy with a magic wand.

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  1. Terrye says:

    And btw when Bush was on that carrier he was thanking the men and women on that carrier for a job well done. He never said the war was over. Maybe if the norms of this world would shut up and listen to what other people said rather than putting words in their mouths they would not look like such dumb asses.

  2. Terrye says:

    And you are the one talking about that codpiece my friend. kind of makes me wonder norm….

  3. truthhard2take says:

    Yep, Norm, Strata started out so well I was just about to believe he was going to do a turn around on Nafta, free trade and outsourcing.


    Let’s hope , as Lindorff hopes, Obama is more Nader than charlatan on these issues.

  4. VinceP1974 says:

    This is the man who identifies with the lowly blue collar worker of rual america:

    Obama appeared at 2004 party at Rezko’s home Chicago Tribune

    April 14, 2008; 12:57 p.m.
    Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama’s name came up again at the Antoin “Tony” Rezko corruption trial and in a way that earlier filings in the case did not telegraph.

    Stuart Levine, the prosecution’s star witness, said he and Obama were at a party Rezko threw at his Wilmette mansion on April 3, 2004, for Nadhmi Auchi, a controversial Iraqi-born billionaire who Rezko was trying to get to invest in a South Loop real-estate development.

    Auchi, now a citizen of the United Kingdom, has faced criminal charges in Europe. He also figured in the revocation of Rezko’s bond early this year after attempting to wire him more than $3 million. Upon learning of that attempt, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve declared Rezko a flight risk and ordered him held in a federal jail in the Loop.

    The Rezko party in 2004 was designed to induce Auchi to pour money into the South Loop investment. Obama’s presence at the party was not previously known. At the time, Obama was fresh off a surprise win in the Illinois Democratic primary for U.S. Senate and was riding a crest of national publicity.

  5. Whippet1 says:

    I love the way “your kind” attributes things to people that they never said. You make stuff up throw it at the wall and see what sticks. When it doesn’t you claim it did.

    You made this comment first and then of course blamed ivehadit and Mark… when it didn’t go your way

    “i love it when you guys use that excuse. i don’t remember bush saying that when he was walking around that aircraft carrier with that codpiece you guys thought looked so hot”

    What exactly was it that Bush said that’s got your panties in a wad?

  6. Whippet1 says:


    I thought you might appreciate this one. I’d heard about it weeks ago but didn’t know it had gone quite this far: Once again, in order to win Obama will have to be unopposed…so what’s he up to this time?

    From http://www.biglizards.net
    “Democrats Try to Sue Their Way Into the White House. Again.”

  7. momdear1 says:

    Corruption cannot exist unless someone has control over the allocation of goods and services. Bigger government?More benevolent programs? You figure. equals 3rd world status.

    There are already so many dollars flowing out of Washington that it’s like drops of water over a waterfall. There is no way anyone can keep up with or account for all of them .

    For the people in New Orleans who are still griping about the
    Government failing them….Anyone who is still humped up in one of those freeby government trailers waiting for someone else to help him is a fool. If I had been sitting on my behind for over two years waiting for someone to help me, and no help had come, I think I would have gotten the message, There ain’t going to be no more help. If I don’t help myself, I’m going to sit here like this the rest of my life.

    As for the way George Bush has handled the war etc. George Bush has access to information that I will never see , nor do I want to see it. It would worry me into an early grave if I know all the stupid, mean, evil things that our enemies are thinking up to do to us. When I vote for some to be president I choose the person I think is most capable of absorbing all that information and making the best decisions possible that will be in our best interests, and I trust in God that he is smart enough to make the right decisions. It never ceases to amaze me that all these everyday Joe Six Packs and partisan morons keep voicing their opinions about whether the president should or should not have made certain decisions. My control over what decisions are made ended on election day. The next chance I will have to have a say inhow things get done is the next election day. People who constantly berate, demean, and acccuse our legally elected leader, especially in times when our enemies are all around us and have even infliltrated into our country, with the stated aim of killing as many of us as they can, are working for our enemies and are therefore traitors and should be treated as such. .

  8. Whippet1 says:



  9. truthhard2take says:

    Keep shaking them up Norm. People who forgive and forget that no insurgency was planned for and Gen. Shineski was punished for saying 500,000 troops were necessary, need to be put back in their dunce corner.

  10. dave m says:

    Is this national spin day?
    Obama wasn’t caught by the word “bitter”. If he had just said
    voters out in the country were “bitter” he’d be OK. It was what he
    said next, called them stupid, said they clung to religion and guns
    because they were bitter.
    I suppose the Founding Fathers were “bitter”, or stupid,
    or something like that. I’m going to guess that Obama
    probably would agree with that statement, too.
    Owning a gun or being religious is not stupid. Most people in
    the world have religious convictions of some sort – it’s a deeply
    felt thing. And owning a gun to hunt or protect your family
    is not stupid either. Over in England you can’t own a gun,
    and you cannot even “prepare a defense” – meaning that if
    you keep a baseball bat by your bed or an open jar of red hot
    chilli sauce by the front door – you will get arrested. Maybe
    Obama would like that world, but he’s just shown the real
    America who he is.
    Going on about the bitter word is not the point.

  11. VinceP1974 says:

    Corruption cannot exist unless someone has control over the allocation of goods and services. Bigger government?More benevolent programs? You figure. equals 3rd world status.

    Amen. And guess who has the biggest wallet today and is using it to pull strings… the Arabs. I think they have massively inflitrated and corrupted Washington, to almost conspiratorial levels.

    Saudi money has been flowing like niagra falls to Universities since the 70s. Saudi has guarenteed that hacks like Juan (John?) Cole do their best to obsfucate for Islam and misdirect anyone trying to get to the truth. Look how the Leftists hang on his every word. This is no accident. There is a deliberate program by the Wahabbis in Saudi Arabia to use their money to influence the opinion-makers in this country. It’s way the academic world has told us exactly bunk about Islam and why the acedemic world is basically completely useless as we fight this foreign culture. You would think Middle East studies would be focusing on the revival of Jihad and trying to get to the root of it.. but instead it’s all a smoke screen .. the university is in the firm grip of Leftists and Jihadis deliberately misinforming Government, Media and Students about Islam .

    We have a dumbed down buerarcy, politically correct Amerca-hating Leftists, deceiptful incurious journalists, clueless politicians, etc.. the corrupt is deep, entrenched and effects everything. including the Executive branch.

    In regards to George Bush, I suspect he knows the real threat of Islam yet he has someone given in to his aides, to the State Department, to the CIA. His 2nd term is a disaster as I said before.. undoing all he had done in his first term.

  12. truthhard2take says:

    Doug Feith and Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and ..Irving…Libby had more of the prez’dent’s ear than any Arab.

  13. truthhard2take says:

    Juan Cole has not advocated Congressional withholding money for the war, drawing the ire of leftists. In fact he has not very stridently
    promoted an “out now” policy and originally supported the war.
    Some “radical.” Ever so slightly left of center.

    And he does tilt pro-Shia, making the Wahabi comments typically ludicrous.


  14. Whippet1 says:


    You are such a pawn….very old news. You really do need to update your radical leftist talking points…you see once they tell you a lie they never tell you when they’ve been caught. It’s imperative to their cause that they have suckers like you to continue the lie.


  15. 75 says:

    Whippet, he’s the equivalent of a suicide bomber. “Here kid, put this around your shoulders and run into that school over there. Come back afterwards and we’ll give you $20.”