Apr 07 2008

Dems Face Tough Week Facing Realities In Iraq

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General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker will be top of the news this week as they come before Congress to tell of the sea change in Iraq since last year at this time when the Dems tried every trick they could think of to stop the Surge and Awakening from purging much of Iraq of al-Qaeda. Since then al-Qaeda has become the enemy of Iraqis. This is one of many posts I had at the time saying the dems were suicidal to try and stop success in Iraq:

Unless Iraq becomes a disaster, the American people will remind Democrats that they did not run on surrender, but new avenues to success. They talked troop increases, they talked failed strategies, they talked increased international participation (like they could bring France and the UN into Iraq!). They talked and talked but never once said failure is not just an option, but preferred.

Why provide the funds for this year and the Surge, go out of their way to save America’s spinach, but signal to our enemies feel free to kill our people until next year? The Democrats are a truly delusional lot. They honestly believe this worst-of-all-options is a crowning ahievement. Yes, it is absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Yes, it is going to cost needless lives and hardship. And yes, it is not only an attempt to lose to terrorism, but to signal to the world America prefers to lose than take on any serious challenges. They are trying to label all of us as losers and quitters and whiners. And they think this will make us proud??

When these hearings start, it will be with the “General Betray Us” garbage in the backs of the minds of every American.

Moreover, Clinton will be faced with another one of her whoppers – her suspension of belief comment, which many news outlets noted was more unbelievable than Petraeus’ fact based assessment of the turning point in Iraq last year:

The Surrendercrats are all going to be on their worst behavior. They will doubt their own eyes, this nation’s own general and ambassador, and look pathetic in the eyes of the nation. They cannot help themselves. As Jed Babbin notes, they have already begun:

The Democrats’ Iraq incoherence has been on display since Friday. Then, their Congressional leadership — sixteen in all, including Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid — sent a letter that pleaded with President Bush to end the war before the end of his term. They insisted on a greater role in creating long-term security arrangements in Iraq and said Bush shouldn’t, “…create facts that bind the hands of the next president.”

In short, the Dems were throwing themselves on the mercy of the president they despise, knowing that they have no means of affecting what he does. They lack the votes to stop the war or even to block what the president may do this year.

On Sunday, they were criticizing Bush for taking Petraeus’s advice directly. As if it’d be improved after being massaged through the Defense and State Departments’ bureaucracies.

Who in their right mind says it is not good to listen to the generals on the ground? Never mind, we know the Surrendercrats are not in their right minds ever since the climbed out on this defeatist limb they are on. They thought they could recreate Vietnam, and they failed to force America into failure. BTW, Hillary is screwed in all this, as Babbin points out:

This will probably be the last big news event Hillary Clinton can use to revive her floundering presidential campaign. In it, she is cornered between John McCain and MoveOn.org. She dares not appear to look too radically liberal while she and McCain are on the same stage, so she has to tilt to the right. But she also cannot risk losing the support of the people who fund and run the radical MoveOn.org group (who have, so far, stood with her despite Obama’s “withdraw regardless” position, which is much more in line with that of MoveOn.org). The MoveOn crowd won’t continue supporting her if she doesn’t lean all the way left and attack Petraeus and Crocker severely.

This is the week all the defeatism that has underpinned the liberal dems comes home to roost and sear itself to the Democrat brand. To listen to the dems will require the willing suspension of disbelief. This is the week for losing, but not in Iraq and not for Bush.

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  1. Neo says:

    It’s time for MoveOn.org to show us just how Petraeus “cooked the books.” They made a charge that time appears not to justify. Just as they demand accountability, so they to must be held accountable.

    It clearly appears that they just made it up out of whole cloth. They lied to their members and they lied to the American people.

    So MoreOn .. where’s the beef ? Just who was doing the cooking ?

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Well there is also that little issue that MoveOn has endorsed Obama so any support of Hillary is a sort of ‘say what moment’.

  3. truthhard2take says:

    Didn’t find any Strata mention of the month and a half long reversal in Iraqi civilian casualities here. Nor of 5 soldiers kileld dozens wounded in various attacks yesterday. Nor of the recent jihad takfiri attack in Mosul killing 42. Nor of the worst lethal attack on the Green Zone in years. Ah, progress.

  4. 75 says:

    Obviously TH2T hasn’t read the Mar08 DOD report regarding civlilian casualties. But fortunately for us he does read AQ press releases and even listens to the tapes!! What a tool.

  5. truthhard2take says:

    Losing 10 US soldiers with many dozen seriously wounded in the
    immediate days prior to Democrat questioning Petraeus isn’t exactly
    harmful to their cause, but as Ralph Nader would agree, their fear of being cast as unpatriotic is likely to cause them to pull enough punches to allow many more casualities before defeat is formally admitted.

  6. 75 says:

    Me thinketh TH2T is going to be very angry and disapointed when Petraeus reports. Can’t wait for the circus sure to follow here.

  7. truthhard2take says:

    Why should I have placed any hope in a sycophant who at Bush’s pleasure replaced more honest and realistic officers who wouldn’t go along with the plan?

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