Apr 20 2008

SurrenderMedia Scrapes To Find Defeat Against Mahdi Army

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I posted recently on how the Mahdi Army is being whooped across Iraq, from Baghdad to Basra and posts in between (see here and here). Karl over at Protein Wisdom has caught the LA Times grasping for some news of US-Iraq defeat in all this victory, but having to admit to all the victory anyway:

This time, the grand ayatollahs have declined to aid the incendiary cleric.

Three days into the Basra campaign, Grand Ayatollah Najafi issued a fatwa, or religious opinion or edict, that declared the Iraqi government as the only force in the country with the right to bear arms.

His son, Sheik Ali Najafi, left little doubt that the clergy had backed the Iraqi army operations.

“We see this as a positive improvement. . . . The people want the government to control the streets and the law to be enforced. No other groups,” he said, sitting in his study, furnished with cushions, a laptop and a clock bearing his father’s portrait.

I predicted back on April 7th (2008) that Sistani would side with Maliki and pull the rug out from Sadr. Without support and credibility from Sistani Sadr was exposed. Now in open defiance to the Grand Ayatollah Sadr has become an enemy of the Shiia in Iraq. There will be no large scale civil war because the Shiia will not rise up against Sistani. Sadr is completely isolated. His forces either disband or are destroyed. There is no path to victory left for him with Sistani on Maliki’s side.

Update: I neglected to copy this key passage from the article:

Their stance is a gamble. An influential cleric who is knowledgeable about talks between the Sadr movement and the grand ayatollahs described the situation in bleak terms: The government is weak, and Sadr aides now acknowledge privately that they have lost control of members who are receiving support from Iran.

“There are groups in the Mahdi Army who are kidnapping, killing and stealing. They don’t listen to Muqtada. They are openly operating with Iranian interests,” he said.

The cleric asked that his name not be used because he feared assassination. Everywhere, he saw Iran’s influence. “In the beginning, it was Arab countries playing a negative role. Now after Qaeda has fallen, it is Iran. Iran wants to control Iraq, and change the hawza from Najaf to Qom.”

Which is what I suspected – Sadr has lost control and is now just a charade. Iran is running a proxy war according to the Sadrists and Shiites in Iraq. Wonder how the Surrendercrats on the left will try and deny this reporting.

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  1. Whippet1 says:

    Burka Boy,
    America won every engagement in Vietnam. Hmmmmm

  2. “TRUTHMASTERBATES”: ah, you’ve “won” nothing; Merlin was dead on, as are all the others.

    As far as your love affair with Obama, that’s a fact, you’re for anyone who is Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist and a Nutbag, ’nuff said.

    You’re so-called support for “Nader” is another smokescreen, but if true, just emphasizes how completely of a Nutbag you truly are!

    “And one reason would be Obama’s criticism of Carter’s dialogue with Hamas, contrasted with Nader’s praise of it.

    Left by truthhard2take on April 20th, 2008”

    And there you have it in a nutshell ladies and gentlemen: Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi, Leftst, Anti-Semitic, and proud of it!

    And, he admits it, so I do give him some small “credit” for that.

    And yes, the “Bahai” ARE a “Cult”; that you don’t know that, again shows your ignorance and stupidity.

    and futher prooof of his Leftwing Nutbagishness Anti-Semitisim:

    ” it’s a far less dangerous one than the racist “Settler Zionist” form of Judaism which controls the American political process.

    Left by truthhard2take on April 20th, 2008″

    Sigh, so predictable, so pathetic, so sad…..

  3. WWS says:

    Although I’m loathe to make any response to TrollTard’s remarks, I do need to point out an outrageous and easily disproven lie he just made.

    He claims that “a third of the Palestinians are Christian” – Not Even Close! The Muslim palestinians have been systematically driving the Christian palestinians out of the region, until today there are only 60,000 total Christians left – barely 2% of the palestinian population. And almost all of those are either in Jerusalem or Bethlehem.


  4. missy1 says:

    Truther’s comments have wasted considerable space on this site, is anyone surprised that he would throw a vote away for Nader?

  5. VinceP1974 says:

    This is the result of Bush/Rice’s foolish gestures to the “palestinians”. HAMAS is now using American-supplied equipment against Israel.

    Hamas explodes U.S. vehicles in massive attack

    Largest terror op in 3 years was to ‘execute mass killings and abductions’

    JAFFA, Israel – Hamas used two seized U.S. military vehicles to carry out a large-scale attack this weekend against a major Israeli border crossing, Hamas leaders told WND.

    The vehicles were captured when Hamas last June took complete control of the Gaza Strip, overtaking all U.S.-backed security compounds in the territory associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party. The U.S. provided Fatah with weapons, vehicles and large sums of financial and military aid.

    Israeli defense officials called yesterday’s border attack the largest, most sophisticated Hamas terrorist operation since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005.

    “We utilized two American armored Jeep vehicles in the heroic operation at Kerem Shalom,” said Abu Abdullah, who is considered one of the most important operational members of Hamas’ so-called military wing. “We obtained the vehicles last June.”

  6. 75 says:

    Vince, I don’t think Bush or Rice has any misconceptions of the Palestinians. What may be said publicly isn’t necessarily the same as what plans are made privately. I usually see any amicable public conversations as an effort to buy more time. After having watched Bush closely these many years, I’m sure he has no illusions about the Palestinians. Carter, on the other hand, actually believes what they tell him.

  7. preachingpatriot says:


    The Palestinian Christians do not blame their reduced numbers in Palestine on Muslims, but on Israeli barbarism. As Peace Prize winner Hana Aswari would tell you.


    As historian Issa Nakleh would tell you.

  8. […] willing to die as Sadr opposes Sistani and the other Shiite clerics who have sided with Maliki (see here for Sistani’s Fatwa against Sadr). Maybe against Americans, but Sadr is actually rebelling against the Shiite council of clerics, […]