Apr 09 2008

Races To Watch: Pro-War Iraq Vets For Congress

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This is going to be an interesting year in politics. While all of us wish the war in Iraq were over, most of us would prefer to go out winning. And since we are moving towards success the defeatism on the left is a perfect contrast in policy. And we will have plenty of races to watch beyond the presidential elections. Apparently there are 17 Iraq war veterans running for office in the GOP with the promise to end the war with a victory:

Seventeen Iraq combat veterans are running for House seats as Republicans, pledging to continue the war once in Congress and linking themselves to Sen. John McCain’s candidacy for president.

In 2006, the Democrats had some success with a slate of veterans who used their military credentials to argue against the war. The Republican veterans argue that such antiwar vets are the exception and, even though the public is still against the war, they will be able to make the case that the country is succeeding and should commit the resources to achieve victory.

“Iraq’s going to be a tough issue for everybody, but we’re going to be uniquely positioned to deal with it,” says former Marine Cpl. Keiran Lalor, a Republican running in the Hudson Valley of New York. “The Democrats went around and found the exception to the rule: They found the Iraq vets against the war.”

I heard on the radio when Lieberman was on Sean Hannity’s show yesterday that there is a relatively recent poll out showing something like 59% favoring McCain over Obama (40%) to handle Iraq. If someone can find that poll I would appreciate it, because that is a clear indication that America is deciding it wants to end the war with victory, not surrender.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    And wasn’t it the Rasmussen poll that showed 48% say we are winning in Iraq?

    One interesting last 🙂 thing from Zeihan was about Rumsfeld. Rummy was trying to skip a generation of technology to build up our forces to a new level for the 21st century which we still need to do. However, the aftereffects of our quick success at taking down Saddam required equipment that was from the generation that he wanted to skip to clean out the thugs in Iraq. So Rummy tried mightily to do both. In the end, we had to put our “lean and mean” plans on hold to finish up in Iraq.

    When all is said and done, there will be MANY like “Norm/Truthy/Soothie” who will be very fat from eating their words. LOL!

  2. crosspatch says:

    “17 Iraq war veterans running for office in the GOP ”

    Wait, I thought all the soldiers in Iraq were Democrats.

  3. truthhard2take says:

    I don’t buy the myth that Saddam was “taken down” as long as his trained Baathists and their trrainees are very active in the resilient insurgency. If and when that significant strand of the successful insurgency is vanquished, Saddam will have been taken down. Until then, the mother of all battles rages on.

  4. 75 says:

    Truthy must have missed the news. Saddam hanged….pretty sure that means he’s been “taken down”. I suggest you get a shovel if you want the pig back in charge.