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Aug 26 2008

Hillary’s Tired Liberalism Failed Tonight

OK, I hate conventions.  You get hour after hour of kindergarten level logic and sound bites parading as magical solutions to problems that are mostly self inflicted because people didn’t realize they need to work and prepare for life so they can have a good career and make and save money to live on. Both […]

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Aug 26 2008

The Obama Poll Crash Continues

Looks like my prediction about Obama sliding behind McCain was off by a few days. I predicted it would happen before the Dem Convention in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: But what comes up must come down, as we say in physics. And what this tells me is when attention does move from the Olympics […]

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Aug 26 2008

Would Be Assassins Arrested

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This story is good news overall, a group of idiots have been arrested on gun and drug charges with the claim they were going to attempt to assassinate Barack Obama during his speech: CBS4 has learned at least four people are under arrest in connection with a possible plot to kill Barack Obama at his […]

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Aug 26 2008

Sherry Palmer or Michelle Obama…..or one in the same?

While I was waiting for Michelle Obama to speak tonight, I was reminded of Sherry Palmer in the first episode of 24. Sherry Palmer is a very strong, smart woman who knows how to play the political game. She knew which groups of people she could be a strong outspoken black woman and which groups […]

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