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Aug 08 2008

Pakistan Nabs 9 Suicide Bombers, And Other Updates From The Region

Here’s some good news on the fight against terrorists in the Pakistan Tribal Areas: Police have arrested nine suspected suicide bombers and seized bombing jackets and explosives in the eastern city of Lahore, officers said. The suspects from the South Waziristan tribal belt bordering Afghanistan had set off to carry out suicide bombings in Lahore […]

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Aug 08 2008

President Bush Pokes China In Its Oppressive Eye By Being At Olympics

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President Bush, by personally being at the Olympics in China, is representing what the Chinese leaders fear most – Freedom.  Freedom of speech, freedom to make personal choices, the neutering of government power compared to the independence of the individual.  As leader of the Free West, Bush is doing the right thing by attending the […]

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Aug 08 2008

Obama Fatigue Just Getting Started

Obama is getting tired and getting tiresome. A recent PEW poll noted 48% of the electorate is tired of hearing him rant: Close to half (48%) of Pew’s interviewees went on to say that they have been hearing too much about Obama lately. And by a slight, but statistically significant margin – 22% to 16% […]

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