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Aug 09 2008

Does News Media Access To Terrorists Trump National Security?

What is more constitutionally important:  Corporate news media get access to terrorists so they can make a profit on distributing the propaganda of our enemies, or  Protecting the security and safety of our nation, its people and its allies against the mindless brutality and atrocities terrorists plan for us every minute of every day? Normally […]

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Aug 09 2008

Pakistan Targets Militants In Tribal Areas

  For the rest of the month I would keep all eyes on Bajaur Agency in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). That is the region that is supposedly one of the prime hideouts of al-Qaeda’s leadership and command central for militant operations in Afghanistan.   I ran across a good review of the forces […]

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Aug 09 2008

Russia’s Criminal Invasion Of Georgia And Obama Blows The “3 AM Call” Test

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Want to know what causes war and conflict? Doubt and Caution. The liberal forces in Europe and America keep whining about how we cannot enforce peace and democracy and must simply talk and appease. But those opposing forces ready to use military means (or worse in the case of terrorists) simply see the grasp for […]

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