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Aug 18 2008

The Mythical Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video

OK, we are one week away from the Democrat Convention and we will soon learn if there really was a video tape of Michelle Obama saying something akin to “whitey” at some major event a couple of years ago in Chicago. It the tape exists (and all indications are this is a sick rumor started […]

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Aug 18 2008

Pakistan’s Awakening Is Growing As Local Tribes Ally With Government And Hunt Down Militants – Updated!

It does seem that the Pakistan Tribal Awakening is taking root and spreading in the tribal regions of Pakistan known as the FATA and the NWFP. I noted in one post yesterday how tribes in one area of the NWFP province had set up security details and hunted down Taliban militants in their region.   […]

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Aug 18 2008

Obama Thrown From Saddleback Debate

I watched a little of the Q&A at Saddleback with Obama and McCain. My bottom line take is Obama talks like a used car salesman/politician, speaking in Kumbayah tongues, while McCain addresses issues head on. Obama lost me when his reason to become President was to help all the poor people in the world. That […]

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