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Aug 22 2008

The Biden Disaster

Update: And in case anyone missed it  Biden voted for the Iraq war and supported funding the troops while Obama supported retreat at any cost: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday accused his rivals for the 2008 nomination who are fellow U.S. senators of voting against the safety of troops deployed in Iraq. “As […]

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Aug 22 2008

Obama Screws Up, Announces Too Late On Summer Friday Evening

Friday evenings are when bad news comes out that people hope will be missed by most of America. Summer time Fridays are the best because people are off work and heading for their weekend. It is now 5:00 PM Eastern and Obama has missed the window on his VP selection for America this week.   […]

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Aug 22 2008

Obama Disses Hillary And Her Supporters

McCain is going to benefit big time from this Obama screw up: There’s one Democrat who would seem to have little or no chance of being picked by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to be his running mate – his former opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.).  But it’s not for the reason you think.  Obama has often said, […]

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Aug 22 2008

What Impact Did Shrill Social Conservatives Have On The Electorate?

Some people don’t understand that near-manic passion can translate into repulsion. There is a point where people who believe strongly in something cross a line and those strong beliefs start to repel everyone else. Why? Strong beliefs turn into quasi-dictatorial positions. Either you believe as they do or you are the evil enemy. Face it, […]

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Aug 22 2008

The Cult Of The COLB Crashes Into Reality has examined the physical Obama COLB and put to rest all the bizarre, stupid and unethical claims regarding its authenticity and Obama’s citizenship. They even provide pictures of all the features that many of us said were there and others claimed did not exist in the initial round of conspiracy theories (go to fact […]

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