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Aug 13 2008

New Predator Strike In Waziristan, Pakistan Forces Circle In On Militants In Bajaur – Updated!

Latest Update:  Sounds like we took out over 20 of the enemy and may have hit an al-Qaeda nest: According to details, four missiles fired from Afghanistan hit the compound of the Baghar Camp. There are conflicting reports regarding missile attacks. Some of the tribesmen claimed that the allied forces jet fighters fired these missiles […]

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Aug 13 2008

The Cult Of The COLB Implodes

Yes To Democracy alerted me to some interesting happenings over at the Cult of The COLB. It seems the ‘esteemed’ Techdud has gone underground and those blogs who had been promoting his ‘reports’ have pulled them: Update:  Techdude has informed me that he is unable to continue his work at this time, due to family obligations […]

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