Aug 26 2008

Hillary’s Tired Liberalism Failed Tonight

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OK, I hate conventions.  You get hour after hour of kindergarten level logic and sound bites parading as magical solutions to problems that are mostly self inflicted because people didn’t realize they need to work and prepare for life so they can have a good career and make and save money to live on.

Both parties do it, but the theme is old, tired and spent. Hillary tried to take on Bush and McCain, but somehow blaming Bush because a mother’s hours are being cut back is just so B-Movie it insults the intelligence instead of inspires.  The idea government run health care can be universal, high quality and affordable to all is a fantasy world view. The highest quality services will always go to insanely wealthy -like the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens and Kennendys.

The Liberals of the Democrat Party cannot hide their disconnect with every day Americans.  And as the liberals continuously dumb down their sound bites in an pathetic effort to convince an intelligent, smart an self confident country with victimhood examples of how life is hard (duh, we all know that) I find their efforts to package their failed and naive policies in ever more simpleton sound bites just not working.

Hillary tried to salvage a failed political movement.  But she cannot do it, the same way should could not out beat Obama.  The man who championed change had her beat because he was, at one point, connecting with soaring visions and possibilities.  He was tapping into the ‘can do’ nature of Americans to say ‘we can do better’. But the victimhood spiel plays against optimism. 

In music there is harmony and dissonance. After 2 weeks of rooting for America individuals to dig it out past all obstacles, barriers and unfair events, it is really hard to transition in one weekend to the doom and gloom and finger pointing of the liberal themes.  Bush is not evil, and our energy problems are more the fault of a do-nothing democrat Congress which won’t open access to our own national energy resources than anything Bush ever did.

Technically the democrats are not doing anything wrong. But that is like someone technical banging out notes on a piano in the proper order. It is not the same thing as soaring and inspiring music. The Democrats are failing because they are a failed and tired view of America. 

And I think the fact a woman senator from a major US State (NY) with 18 million votes garnered in the primary was passed up for VP by an old white guy Senator from a small, electorally irrelevant state who garnered a few tens of thousands of votes exemplifies why the Democrat Party is a dead and broken party.

When Hillary was passed up for VP to play it safe and fix holes in Obama’s resume it was clear the glass ceiling is firmly in place. A guy, once again, was too scared to risk his own ass to stand by a woman.  And THAT is the glass ceiling folks – male insecurity.

One thing the Democrats don’t get is that those 80% wrong track numbers include THEM! Bush has only 65% rejection in the favorability polls, it is the Democrat Congress that mirrors those wrong track numbers. And there is a connection to the fact the longer the Dems did nothing in Congress, and the closer the empty suited Obama got to the nomination, the worse those numbers got. That is not a coincidence.

Hillary’s speech did nothing. It was partisan clap trap surrounded by non sequitur examples of victimhood. It will not resonate with Americans who want serious changes.  They want mature adults who can act professionally and tone down the partisan sniping.

I may be totally wrong on this, but I expect more poll erosion to come. The Liberals are totally out of sync with America and are more like finger nails on a chalk board than the sound of sweet music and optimism.

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  1. breschau says:


    First off, how many people do you imagine are going to watch on Thursday night?

    Secondly – it’s just a shame there’s no world-wide computer network that could allow someone who’s not all that interested in actually watching the convention to read about it. Or hey – you know what would be neat? Something on that huge network that could allow people to sit and watch video clips of whatever parts of the convention interested them, whenever they wanted to.

    Failing that, maybe we could invent some sort of 24-hour channel on the TV box just for news. Then, people could hear all about the convention, whenever they wanted.

    I’m sorry – what’s that? There is? We do? Oh. Well – nevermind.