Aug 26 2008

Sherry Palmer or Michelle Obama…..or one in the same?

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While I was waiting for Michelle Obama to speak tonight, I was reminded of Sherry Palmer in the first episode of 24. Sherry Palmer is a very strong, smart woman who knows how to play the political game. She knew which groups of people she could be a strong outspoken black woman and which groups she had to be the loving doting more reserved wife of a politician. I have seen Michelle Obama in both of these roles.

With all of the hesitating by Obama to announce his vice presidential pick, as well as who he picked (worse choice if he wanted to win), I realized that someone had to be making these decisions for him. And it brought to mind how Sherry Palmer was always trying to coerce David Palmer into making the decisions she wanted rather than what he knew was right. I have a very strong feeling that Michelle Obama is the real life example of Sherry Palmer. The only problem is….Obama is no David Palmer.

David Palmer made his own decisions, and forced Sherry out of his life because she was going against every decision he made. He had a opinions, beliefs, and plans and stuck with them. He would not change his mind for anyone. Obama does whatever will (hopefully) improve his ratings.

Michelle Obama=Sherry Palmer





Barack Obama=Mike Novick (Palmer’s very weak minded easily manipulated Chief of Staff)

DJ Strata

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5 Responses to “Sherry Palmer or Michelle Obama…..or one in the same?”

  1. breschau says:

    Okay, seriously – how many Stratas are there? So far, I’ve seen AJ (blog owner), LJ (tech person), and DJ (in this one).

    Who the heck are you people?

  2. AJStrata says:

    It’s a family run effort.

  3. WWS says:

    Michelle’s probably the real reason Hillary could never be considered for VP – no way could she stand for another strong woman in a position to push the wimp around.

  4. TomAnon says:

    I like the similarity there DJ.

    David Palmer was definitely not to be manipulated and was a true leader. He understood right and wrong. BO is a political gamer who only holds a position or a relationship as long as it benefits him. Right is only right as long as he benefits from it. Michelle is the Manipulator In Cheif and she gets to whisper in his ear every night. The reason she never wanted Hillary involved at all is that would put her behind Hillary.

  5. DJStrata says:

    Oh I’ve been here on the blog for a while. I have even written some other posts, but every one assumed it was AJ. Dad always gets all the credit 🙂