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Aug 05 2008

Emergency On The USS Obama!

Oh boy, Obama is in deep trouble with the electorate. The other day I predicted he would limp into the Democrat Convention behind McCain in the polls. I keep and eye on the Rassmussen and Gallup Daily Tracking Polls. And one poll I almost always ignore is the Zogby poll because it tilts so far […]

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Aug 05 2008

Hysteria Grips The Fringes

I have three stories that represent the fact the fringe in America is losing its minds. First, we have the well-worn Cult of The COLB who have now gone so far over the edge that they claim Obama’s Birth Certificate is actually forged from his sister’s certificate – which can’t be generated by Hawaii. And […]

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Aug 05 2008

Techdude Produces Another Dud For The Cult Of The COLB – Forger Found!

Update: The patients have taken over the insane asylum at The Cult of The COLB: Forensics specialist Techdude, who has been chipping away at the Obama Birth Certificate mystery for some time, has confirmed that the name on the original Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) which was used to forge the document presented by Barack […]

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