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Aug 04 2008

Updates From The Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Regions 08_04_08

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Another quick review of some interesting articles I have come across in the past few days that might shed some light on what is happening in the war on terror, now focused on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region. I found this article on the new respect garnered by the Afghanistan Army quite illuminating: “THERE is zero […]

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Aug 04 2008

Circumstantial Evidence Does Exist Showing Zawahiri May Be Injured Or Dead

From some discussions with folks who are tied into the intelligence community I have learned that there does exist circumstantial evidence that Ayman al-Zawahiri was injured and/or killed recently, most likely in the July 28th strike in South Waziristan Agency.  Like others with sources into the IC, I am hearing there is a serious lack […]

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Aug 04 2008

Lose The Middle Of The Electorate, Lose The Elections

The independent (and not very ‘moderate’ by any measure) middle of the electorate is having second thought with Obama, The One. Obama has had a series of major stumbles even the fawning liberal SurrenderMedia could not cover (and most times just did not see happening).  The news media is so blindly in love with Obama […]

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