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Aug 25 2008

The Overly Dramatic Michelle Obama Speech

OK, give Michelle a big D- for her speech tonight. First off, she went way too quickly to the dead father analogy. I grieve for her and her family for the loss of a wonderful father (I can tell, she is a very successful woman). But don’t shove that down my throat as a reason […]

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Aug 25 2008

The Obidiot Feeds The Flame That Will Consume Him

What is going to be the top of the news over the next few days at the Dem convention? Bill Ayers. That is now a given after the Obama campaign has released a really dumb ad attempting to distract America from a terrible association he has had, stomping all over the other ‘themes’ being trotted […]

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Aug 25 2008

Its The Independents …

As many know I have been saying for over a year this is the election of the independents, who are repulsed by the fringes left and right and their manic obsession with party purity. It was the denigrating comments of the far right that lost the independents to the Dems in 2006, and it is […]

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Aug 25 2008

How Can Obama Be “Winning” When He Is Losing The Bell-Weather State of Ohio?

I was checking in to see what news was out today and glanced at the RCP state-by-state poll numbers as was absolutely stunned to see John McCain leading in OH. Last time I looked Obama was pretty far ahead (too early to focus on the states right now). So I went to the RCP Ohio […]

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Aug 25 2008

Less Than Half Of Hillary Supporters On Board Obidenama Express

Obama is just not closing the sale with Hillary supporters (the most dejected of which are shifting to McCain) a new USA Today/Gallup poll shows: Fewer than half of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters in the presidential primaries say they definitely will vote for Barack Obama in November, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, evidence of a […]

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Aug 25 2008

McCain Headlines Hillary Supporter Who Switched To GOP – Updated!

This is just the kind of ad the Democrats fear: The reason they fear it is because they dare not attack the young democrat woman who has decided experience is much more important than ‘change’ (whatever that means). But attacked she will be, by the arrogant and oppressive purity police that inhabit both parties and […]

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Aug 25 2008

Taliban Beg For Ceasefire, Pakistan Refuses And Bans Taliban

The Taliban have been taking a beating in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The prime offensives have been in the Swat Valley region of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and the Bajaur Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Here is some news from the Swat region describing the pounding the militant Taliban […]

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Aug 25 2008

Can Biden Take Back All Those Nice Things He Said About McCain Without Losing All Credibility And Respect?

Barack Obama is asking a lot of Joe Biden. He is asking Joe Biden to go out and be his political Pit Bull and attack McCain in line with Obama’s misguided policies and shaded spin. But can Biden take back all those nice things he said about McCain over the years and retain any credibility […]

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Aug 25 2008

Obidenama Limp Into Convention Week

I predicted Obama would be behind in the polls when the Democrat Convention began, but it turns out he will only be tied with McCain in some key polls. The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll yesterday had the presidential race a tie: CNN also has it a dead heat. The other polls at RCP show statistical […]

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