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Aug 12 2008

Obama Gets Faux “Olympic Bounce” In Polls

Obama’s Olympic Bounce in the polls is not good news. I had predicted Obama sinking a bit in the polls before the Democrat election, and so far the opposite has happened (check the RCP poll average and the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll). OK, normally I should be dishing up some crow to chow down on […]

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Aug 12 2008

Obama Lied About Life & Death Of The Innocent

People who truly respect the sanctity of life, like myself, are looking at a dearth of options in 2008. While McCain is likely to support the conservative stance on abortion (to a point) to retain his conservative base, Obama is clearly going to go for the unfettered killing of young humans. And, no big surprise […]

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Aug 12 2008

GOP And American Victory Over Oil

Boy, the democrats played the oil/energy card really badly. They arrogantly blocked all efforts to leverage US oil and gas reserves until the political pressure from Republicans tapping into American angst over gas prices became so great the Dems had to fold and agree to a vote: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday night dropped […]

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Aug 12 2008

al-Qaeda Takes Loses Another Top Leader In Bajaur Agency, Pakistan

It was only three days ago that I posted all eyes should be on Bajaur Agency, in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan along the Afghan border. The push by Pakistani forces against the al-Qaeda remnants hiding out in that region has bagged another top al-Qaeda commander in Bajaur: According to a Pakistani security […]

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