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Aug 19 2008

As I Suspected, Musharraf’s Resignation Was Part Of Pak Deal Continue To Hunt Terrorists

Yep, Musharraf stepped down in return for a pledge from Pakistan to hunt al-Qaeda and the Taliban: Diplomatic sources in Washington described President Bush as Mr Musharraf’s “last holdout” in the US capital. Others in the Bush administration — including Vice-President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice — had long given up on […]

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Aug 19 2008

Is Obama Crashing In Polls? Updated!

Major Update: Yep, Obama is in a major slide in at least one poll: Barack Obama’s public image has eroded this summer amid a daily onslaught of attacks from Republican rival John McCain, leaving the race for the White House statistically tied, according to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll released today. Far more voters say […]

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Aug 19 2008

McCain-Giuliani Ticket?

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I could dig this! I think he’s considering Giuliani. – Might put NY in enough play to make Obama spend a lot of money there.  … The McCain campaign has already hired a Giuliani staffer as the unnamed veep’s communications director… Now that team would rock.

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Aug 19 2008

Do-Nothing Democrat Congress Asleep At The Wheel Of State

While we won the war in Iraq and have been pummeled by high gas prices and a mortgage scandal the Democrat Congress has been focused on dirt, watermelons, potatoes and vacuous non-binding resolutions: The 110th Congress, whose term officially ends in January, hasn’t passed any spending bills or attacked high gasoline prices. But it has […]

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Aug 19 2008

McCain Commands As Commander-in-Chief

John McCain’s strong stance on the Georgia-Russia conflict is paying huge dividends amongst the American People: American likely voters say 55 – 27 percent that Arizona Sen. John McCain is better qualified than Illinois Sen. Barack Obama to deal with Russia and now trails the Democrat 47 – 42 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University […]

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Aug 19 2008

Wild Card McCain VP Candidates

If John McCain wants to neutralize Barrack Obama’s appeal and reach out to social conservatives the best selection out there is former Oklahoma Congressman JC Watts. JC Watts is one of the most articulate members of the conservative coalition, and he is a stalwart social conservative. He reminds me a lot of George W Bush. […]

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Aug 19 2008

Muslims As Human Shields, Other Updates On The War On Terror 08_19_08

It is becoming very clear how al-Qaeda and the Taliban will lose the war on terror – through their desperation to win or survive their acts will cause such a backlash in the Muslim Street they will become to Islam what the Nazis are to Germans. The most recent example of their atrocious desperation has […]

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Aug 19 2008

The Coming VP Blunder For Obama

This is the week Obama comes crashing back to earth again. Every time he is forced to walk the path of the politician and make political decisions he loses more of his aura. This week – maybe as early as tomorrow – Obama announce his pick for VP, and I am predicting it just might […]

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