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Aug 07 2008

UK Government Source Exposes How Litvinenko Assassination Theory Is Based On False Science

Yep, time again to reopen the Litvinenko file and once more prove that the UK’s theory Alexander Litvinenko died of an assassination attempt is scientifically implausible at best (if not impossible). All my posts on the Litvinenko case can be found here and are quite extensive. Anyone truly interested in the matter would best review […]

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Aug 07 2008

Zawahiri Update – Speculation Alert

About a week after the last Predator attack on top al-Qaeda targets rumors were flying that al-Qaeda’s number 2, Ayman Zawahiri, may have been injured or killed in the strike. I have been checking in with some folks who are closer to the Intelligence Community than I am and I posted on the fact there […]

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Aug 07 2008

Putting “Global Warming” On Ice

TigerHawk posted today on a matter I wanted to address – the reversal of Global Warming. The big speculation from the Chicken Littles at the Church of Al Gore/IPCC have been crying that the North Pole would lose its ice cover this year. In fact, just the opposite is happening as TigerHawk notes: Notwithstanding confident […]

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Aug 07 2008

Barry The “Cable Guy”

Watch out America, we have a Democrat Elitist trying to reach out and ‘connect’. And it is an ironically hilarious attempt. We now have the new image of why we should support Obama because he is, underneath his Harvard Degree and Gaffe-prone fluid prose, just “Larry The Cable Guy“: The Obama model is really quite […]

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Aug 07 2008

al-Qaeda’s Dimmed and Dying Star

When al-Qaeda hit America on 9-11-01 it was seen by many inside and outside of Islam as the future of Islam. There were many Muslims who were shocked and horrified, but there was no loud and universal denunciation of al-Qaeda. Many thought (and predicted) the Muslim street would rise up and over throw the governments […]

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