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Aug 03 2008

Look, The Cult Of The COLB Has A New Fiction Coming Out

Well, well, well.  It seems the Cult Of The COLB has a new fiction being released soon.   The COLB experts have not backed down. To the contrary, they continue to tell me that their conclusions grow stronger every day. Techdude is wrapping up a NEW EXCLUSIVE report for TexasDarlin that will be even more conclusive than his […]

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Aug 03 2008

al-Qaeda Confirms Death Of Weapons Expert, Nothing On Zawahiri

al-Qaeda is strangely silent again today on the status of Ayman Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s second in command only behind Bin Laden. So far the only denial on Zawahiri being hit in a recent attack is from the Taliban who lie with such regularity their denial is almost a confirmation. Today al-Qaeda confirmed the death of the […]

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Aug 03 2008

Flight 93 Memorial Now Only A Monument To Shallow Bureaucrat Egos

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I could not make it to this weekend’s debate on the travesty that is the Flight 93 Memorial. Sadly, after reading the news reports, I must admit I am sort of glad I did not go down and see the debacle myself. I am not sure how I could take in all the bureaucratic BS […]

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