Aug 25 2008

The Obidiot Feeds The Flame That Will Consume Him

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What is going to be the top of the news over the next few days at the Dem convention? Bill Ayers. That is now a given after the Obama campaign has released a really dumb ad attempting to distract America from a terrible association he has had, stomping all over the other ‘themes’ being trotted out at the convention:

Not sure why the audio dies halfway through it, but the point is moot because now Obama has put the Bill Ayers issue into play. I posted on Ayers back on May 5th, with an image of him dancing on the American flag in an article that came out right around the time of 9-11.

Obama’s lame excuse his decades of dealings with Ayers mean nothing because he was only 8 when Ayers was terrorizing America, bombing it like any other Bin Laden Jihadist, is ridiculous. For those Americans now entering the military to fight the war on terror many were only 11 when Bin Laden attacked America on 9-11. Would an association with Bin Laden now be OK for someone 18 or 19 because the crimes Bin Laden committed were committed when the person was 11 or 12?

Of course not. Anyone too dumb not to understand it doesn’t matter how much time goes by when dealing with murderous nuts like Ayers and Bin Laden deserves the punishment they get. Ignorance (or stupidity) is not an excuse. Obama is simply explaining that he learned nothing about judgement in the 4 decades since Ayers committed his heinous acts of violence.

But now that Obama has opened this can of worms himself it is fair game during a newsless Democrat convention. This is so off message it is hard to understand why Obama decided to derail his own convention with this ad The rookie strikes again! More here and here.

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  1. WWS says:

    whisper to dems – “you shoulda gone with Hillary!!!”

    This is why untested rookies don’t get sent to play in the big leagues.

  2. Redteam says:

    Yes, them claiming that just because Ayers did his thing long ago, it has nothing to do with THE ONE. but it’s the associations since THE ONE became an adult that matter. The comparison with bin laden is good.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    I am wondering more and more if Obama wants to lose this nomination. Picking a buffoon like Biden as his running mate, this ad, not seeming to care about losing the women’s vote, flip-flopping about every issue, all his gaffes, allowing his wife to make an idiot of hersel and him in her speeches, etc.

    I wonder what will happen at the convention. Will Clinton win a coup? She has some plan in place. I doubt she will go quietly away without some revenge.

  4. breschau says:

    “What is going to be the top of the news over the next few days at the Dem convention? Bill Ayers.”

    Really? Top of the news? That’s funny, I’ve been watching CNN and MSNBC all evening, and it hasn’t been mentioned once. Your prediction powers are getting a little weak, AJ. This story has no legs.

    The ad’s being run in four states, not nationwide. And it’s a direct response to
    a sleazy Republican 527 ad, which was fully funded by one billionaire Republican in Texas.

  5. WWS says:

    Just like breschie, Obama is going crazy about this, running crazy ads, trying to stamp out the story.

    Does he have any clue that he just put up a big flashing neon sign that says “I know this is my soft spot!”

    Obama and Osama, both friends with terrorists who killed Americans.

  6. BarbaraS says:

    I think McCain is waiting to see who actually wins the dem nomination before announcing his vice president pick. I don’t think it’s over for Hillary. I can’t see her going quietly into the night. She has a few more tricks up her sleeve. She is probably hoping some of the dem delegates have acqured some sense since the primaries and will vote for her.

  7. Redteam says:

    Really? Top of the news? That’s funny, I’ve been watching CNN and MSNBC all evening, and it hasn’t been mentioned once.

    yeah sure those two networks (chill running up my leg) is gonna push all the negatives on THE ONE.

    I don’t think Hill is gonna take it quietly since all the open fraud in the Caucus’ have become public.

    bresch: remember to ignore this

  8. SallyVee says:

    The Sixties? Let’s see, Billy Ayers addressed the World Education Forum in Venezuela in November 2006. He opened by addressing “President Hugo Chavez, Vice-President Vicente Rangel, Ministers Moncada and Isturiz, invited guests, *comrades.*

    People really must read it to believe it, and note the red star and other creepy symbolism on his home page:

  9. breschau says:


    Interesting post. I have no desire to Google my way around, and see if it’s legit.

    Do you have anything to support the idea that Obama in 2006 supported the same ideas/concepts/politices as Ayers in 2006?

    Or do we judge all candidates by past association? If so, can we continue to assert that McCain has to answer The Keating Five issue?

    After all, Obama has never even come close to an accusation from anything Ayers did, other than being near him. McCain was actually A PART OF the savings & loan scandal, of which the ultimate cost of the crisis is estimated to have totaled around $160.1 billion, about $124.6 billion of which was directly paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

    So, “I kinda knew a guy who was a terrorist 40 years ago” vs. “I cost the American people $125 billion”. Which do you think will play better?

  10. AJStrata says:


    McCain DID answer the Keating 5 issue. There were hearings and investigations and determinations made.

    Ayers is a terrorist. Keating 5 turned out to be a bad association which has driven McCain for years to fight money and politics.

    Only a desperate mind would try to equate the two. I see in your endlessly defensive posts the fact you see this going bad as well.

  11. SallyVee says:

    Breschau, you need to read up on the Woods Fund and Annenberg Challenge and check the dates – in the 1990s. Ayers appointed Obama to the leadership role. For 8 years, Obama worked directly with and for Ayers, squandering millions on “social justice” and other inane “reforms” that accomplished precisely nothing in terms of improving student outcomes. Obama’s incompetence and malleability is the issue. That is why he is trying earnestly to change the subject and redirect the conversation.

    Also, why did David Axelrod tell an obvious and easily checked lie? He tried to brush off the Ayers-Obama relationship by suggesting that “Obama’s [7 and 10 yr old] kids went to school with Ayers’ [late 20-something] kids… and for a long time the media let that one slide.

  12. WWS says:

    oops, sallyvee, now you’re hatin’ on Obama and Breschie is gonna have to start pretending to “ignore” you too!!!

    key insight into breschie’s mindset: “I have no desire to Google my way around, and see if it’s legit.”

    I think his (and most liberals) entire philosophy comes from that statement of fundamntal laziness. They fall for whatever feels good to them and don’t see the need to do any work to justify themselves. In fact, they become angry at anyone who suggests that “feelings” alone are a poor way to select someone to run a country.

    They couldn’t care less what Obama did or who he knew. Obama tells them nice things that make them feel good, and that’s all they ever want in a candidate. You’d think after some life experience with people like that, they’d have learned something.

  13. MacGregor says:

    Wow, just joined the blogosphere myself and I have to say most of you people are clueless.

    Liberal philosophy is about questioning authority and conservative is about maintaining the status quo. Liberalism isn’t about feelings and it isn’t about being pro-government … read some Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln if you can muster the time and energy to leave Republicanville online.

    How can any of you actually be so warped as to think that Obama with his years of working and living in this country and working in government and in law firms and making a life for his family is really anti-American. How can your own view of America be so shallow to think that you have to wear a lapel pin to be a patriot.

    And as for AJStrata trying to downplay the Keating 5 debacle. It is pretty clear that McCain has been in bed with his fair share of special interests. He is not the maverick he keeps pretending to be and the maverick that the media still is in love with. Obama on the other hand did not bomb anyone. So I don’t get your point.

    I certainly agree it is not logical for Obama to claim anything about how old he was with regard to his relationship to Ayers, but lets be honest for awhile. He didn’t agree with him or say he supported those acts or anything else. You are just trolling for what you and the rest of the right-wing believe is someone who just isn’t overly patriotic enough.

    Grow up. Obama talks too much like an adult for some. He admits to the reality that race is a problem, that America is not always right and that you don’t have to wrap yourself in a flag to be a true American. I would rather have an adult as president than a cardboard cutout of a soldier who seems to think being a prisoner of war gives him special powers to be president … and I come from a military family.

  14. MacGregor says:

    McCain needs to stop campaign as just being anti-Obama at some point.

    Also those who care about blogging should take a look at McCain’s blog site vs. Obama’s blog site. Obama actually has people who post with real ideas and descriptions of events with times and details like a real blog.

    McCain’s site is nothing more than a series of youtube ads with maybe one or two sentences about something inane.

    I would hope those in the real blogosphere actually look at the difference and tell McCain to stop pretending to have a blog.

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  16. AJStrata says:


    Welcome, but I must say your definitions of liberal and conservative are incredibly naive. Liberals are for government solutions (the status quo which also removes choice as it robs people of responsibility) and conservatives believe in the individual doing well and being self sufficient (the dynamics of entrepreneurs, innovation, success through achievement and not ‘time in’, etc).

    Clearly you have been feeding at the trough of the liberal puppet masters way too long!

    Enjoy those strings you have attached to your mind and your freedom of choice.


  17. WWS says:

    Don’t you love someone who “just joined the blogosphere” and who’s first act is to declare that everyone already there is “clueless”???

    for some reason I was reminded of this recent story:

  18. breschau says:

    “Only a desperate mind would try to equate the two.”

    I completely agree. In only one of these case was the politician actually charged with any wrong-doing whatsoever.

    It just so happens, that politican was John McCain.

    Keep beating the Ayers and Rezko drums. When you have one single piece of evidence that Obama did anything wrong, or illegal — you let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll keep pointing out that McCain cost the American taxpayers almost $130 billion – BILLION.

    (Heck, that’s almost a full year in Iraq!)