Aug 04 2008

Circumstantial Evidence Does Exist Showing Zawahiri May Be Injured Or Dead

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From some discussions with folks who are tied into the intelligence community I have learned that there does exist circumstantial evidence that Ayman al-Zawahiri was injured and/or killed recently, most likely in the July 28th strike in South Waziristan Agency.  Like others with sources into the IC, I am hearing there is a serious lack of solid collaborating evidence, but that lack of solid evidence is in both directions. It neither proves Zawahiri is fine or otherwise. Therefore the circumstantial evidence that Zawahiri is injured, dying or dead still stands, albeit unproven either way.

I have been noting the quiet over this matter, which tells me the evidence is strong, but not bullet proof. Everyone in the IC and in the media seems to be keeping their powder dry, waiting on something firm one way or the other. The more likely it is Zawahiri is hurt or dead, the more solid the evidence needs to be before people get up in front of the world to announce his demise. This is a fact of life, no one needs to claim Zawahiri has been taken out until there is solid proof.

And solid proof is hard to come by when the bodies have been recovered and controlled by the enemy. But there are ways which take days to work through. I suspect we may know for sure if Zawahiri was present at the strike site very soon.

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  1. pjo says:

    The suspense is killing me! Zawahari has always been higher on my priority list because it has been my understanding that he is the biggest whack-job of them all and had the brain’s to pull bad stuff off. A little off-topic, the AP is calling the recently deceased Chemical Weapons guy an AQ Official, WTF???? I guess with his slim resume of successful attacks he cannot be called a terrorist. Another sign of the MSM, trying to do something to help Obama?

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    I have seen places that watch guys like him and they are intel related and they run matrix simultaneous equations taking into account 30 day moving average of appearances and avg days after major event to message and stuff like that.

    The models have been fairly accurate as more history developed on him.

    Just like Adam Gadahn doesn’t poke his head up any more.

  3. crosspatch says:

    AFP has an article quoting US intelligence community as saying they have no evidence he is dead or injured.

    “There is no reason at this point to be believe that Zawahiri has been killed or injured,” a US intelligence official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    A US counter-terrorism official also said there was no evidence that Zawahiri was wounded or killed.

    “There is nothing out there that lends any credence to that,” the official said, also insisting on anonymity.