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May 15 2008

3rd Anniversary For Strata-Sphere On May 18th

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The Strata-Sphere is turning 3 years old on May 18th, and we have a nice surprise coming for the big day. The Strata-Sphere is going to get a long overdue makeover, we hope everyone will like it. However, the change will mean turning off comments for a day so we don’t lose anything during the […]

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May 15 2008

When Religious Myths Are Destroyed, Why Islamo Fascism Is On The Brink

Want to get a taste of what is happening in the Middle East when Sunnis broke with al-Qaeda, when Shiites broke with Sadr and the Mahdi Army, when Afghans broke with the Taliban. There is nothing more shattering than to have the belief system that underpins your life and soul shattered. There is nothing like […]

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May 15 2008

US Takes Out al-Qaeda Group In Pakistan

With all eyes on the elections and how Iraq is doing with the Sadrists and Mahdi Army I totally missed the news that the US took out an al-Qaeda group in Pakistan: At least a dozen militants including foreign fighters were killed Wednesday in a suspected US missile strike on two houses in northwestern Pakistan, […]

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May 15 2008

Bush Smacks Down Obama And Dems On Their Surrender-At-All-Cost Plans For Iraq

President Bush took off the gloves and laid one right on the kisser of Barack Obama and his Surrendercrat policy for Iraq: “Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along,” said Bush, in what White House aides privately […]

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May 15 2008

Sadrist Admits To Iranian Backing Of Mahdi Forces

A spokesman for anti-American Shiite cleric al-Sadr admitted today that Iranian arms are being used by Sadrist and Mahdi Army forces, and then tried to defuse the news with the ‘everyone does it’ BS the news media is so gullible to bite on: A spokesman for the Sadrist movement of Muqtada al-Sadr, accused by the […]

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May 15 2008

When Will The “True Conservatives” Wake Up To The Damage They Did?

The purity wars inside the GOP are doing what many of us feared and predicted, decimating the GOP as America dumps the “true conservatives” and goes with conservative democrats. Those are the choices we have seen in the last 3 special elections: Far Right verses Left of Center. America chose Left of Center. Why did […]

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May 15 2008

Draining The Last Large al-Qaeda Swamp In Iraq

Iraqi forces are standing up and taking control of their destiny in the War on Terrorism. The Surge worked, it gave Iraq enough security and breathing room to now finish the job. And hopefully the last big job is purging al-Qaeda from its last stronghold. Prime Minister Maliki sent forces north to Mosul to round […]

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