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Aug 06 2008

Iraq Victory Continues As One-Time al-Qaeda Haven Now Under Iraq Control

al-Qaeda decreed Iraq was the primary battlefield for the war against The Great Satan – America. When we took out Saddam Hussein, one time ally with Ayman Zawahiri’s group that became the armed forces of al-Qaeda, Bin Laden and Zawahiri made it clear America would lose to radical Islam in the Arab heartland. In fact, […]

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Jul 14 2008

Victory In Iraq

While others have been hesitant to call Iraq a victory up until recently, I felt the die was cast months ago (actually over a year ago). When the Sunni Muslims took the extraordinary step to wage war on al-Qaeda, and ally with the Iraq and US government efforts and forces, there seemed little chance of […]

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May 31 2008

May 2008 One Of Top Two Least Violent Months Of The Entire Iraq War

Update: Civilian deaths in Iraq also plummeted by 50% since one month ago as well: At least 522 Iraqi civilians and security troopers were killed during the month, according to figures compiled by The Associated Press from Iraqi police and military reports. That’s down sharply from April’s figure of 1,080 and the lowest monthly total […]

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Apr 03 2008

Zawahiri Admits To al-Qaeda’s War On Islam

al-Qaeda’s number two leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has admitted publicly that al-Qaeda is at war with Islam and has no regrets for all the Muslims the group has been killing, torturing and maiming: Al-Qaeda’s deputy leader Ayman al- Zawahiri defended insurgent attacks in Iraq, Algeria and Morocco that killed Muslims and blamed the West for using […]

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Feb 29 2008

The Defeat of al-Qaeda In Iraq: Security And Freedom Over Brutality And Death

I truly enjoy reading of success in Iraq in the ‘pages’ of the NY Times. The NY Times is the epicenter of BDS and the SurrenderMedia’s defeatism on Iraq. So I savour the moments when they must actual perform real journalism and report how the Bin Laden’s butchers are being destroyed by the forces of […]

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Feb 21 2008

Taking Out al-Qaeda Across Iraq

Some very good news coming out of Iraq. First off US forces have killed the sick fascist who convinced two mentally ill women to unwittingly become suicide bombers in one of Iraq’s bloodiest massacres of Muslims by al-Qaeda: Multinational Forces Iraq has confirmed it killed a senior intelligence officer of al Qaeda in Iraq’s network […]

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Feb 19 2008

Updates From Iraq

It seems that al-Qaeda’s penchant for brutality continues even though it supposedly promised to stop targeting Iraqi Muslims in order to regain some standing in the Iraq Muslims community: A couple and their son as well as a woman neighbour taking part in the fight against Al-Qaeda have been killed by gunmen near the restive […]

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Feb 12 2008

Updates From Iraq

Some news from Iraq that was missed by the presidential race-horse obsessed media. As we have seen many times in the past al-Qaeda is running out of holy warriors willing to be suicide bombers or even be fighters. They have recently been trying to recruit and train young children – as if these poor waifs […]

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Jan 30 2008

Iraq War Front Updates

Good news continues to come out of Iraq today. The purge of al-Qaeda in its last havens in Northern Iraq have resulted in the killing of another senior al-Qaeda leader: As Operation Phantom Phoenix and its subordinate operations progress in central and northern Iraq, Coalition forces confirmed killing a senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader […]

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Jan 25 2008

News On The Global War On Terror

For your reading pleasure today while the national parties are busy naval-gazing and wondering who is the most pure of all. First is a review of the situation in Diyala Province Iraq as al-Qaeda is purged from one of their last remaining areas of operation. This time the sound of Stryker personnel carriers rolling into […]

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