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May 01 2008

Rev Wright’s Wicked Revenge Is Destroying Barack In NC

Bumped To The Top – Major Update: This has been one successful hit job by Wright (and others?) on Obama because all the polls are showing major drops for Obama. Check out the Gallup Daily tracking poll and how Obama has been hammered this week: Wright and Clinton supporter Dr Reynolds must be so proud […]

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May 01 2008

About Those Casualty Statistics From Iraq

April was a tough month for US forces in Iraq. While the death toll is at incredibly low historic levels for conflicts like this, the fact is military action is being taken against the last large Islamo Fascist threat in Iraq – the Mahdi Army. Armed and trained by Iran and working for a crazy […]

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May 01 2008

The Global Climate Is Cooling, But It’s Still Global Warming!

You know, when you take your entire reputation out on a limb of speculation it is sometimes impossible to admit you screwed up and humbly crawl back off it. That seems to be the case with the Global Warming crowd because now someone is claiming we will see a decade of overall cooling in the […]

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May 01 2008

Watch For Delegate Blowback

The Party Machine is out and taking the vote from the voters in the Democrat contest. Super Delegate endorsements are flying fast and furious as the party realizes their two candidates are taking damage and their supporters are becoming entrenched. A leader of the Democratic Party under Bill Clinton has switched his allegiance to Barack […]

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