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Oct 26 2011

NY Times Denies 2012 Political Forces

This has been a fascinating election cycle in one important way. All sides of the Political Industrial Complex of this nation (centered in DC, NY City and LA) have been trying to ignore the Big Elephant in the room: The American Voters and their anti-government rage. The NY Times comes out spinning like a top […]

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Oct 05 2011

Dumb Democrat Games In DC Will Infuriate Voters

I just keep marveling at how much deeper the Democrats and Liberal Left keep digging their hole with the American voters. First they screw up the mortgage market by lowering standards for loans, that in turn led to mountains of useless loan paper, which then collapsed the financial markets. This caused home values to tank, […]

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Sep 15 2011

Solar Energy & Political Green ($$$)

I have hesitated to pontificate too much on the gun runner fiasco that let thousands of guns out on the street to maim and kill. Trust me, the government bureaucracy is capable of immense mistakes caused by what normal people would call criminal negligence. Basically, stupidity at such a level it is a danger or […]

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Sep 14 2011

Democrat’s Now Paying For Their Mistakes

In 2008 Democrats blew into DC ready to show the world how their visions of heavy handed and bloated government can solve any and all problems. After all, at the core of all their positions and planks squats their benevolent God “Government”. Can’t buy a home, the liberals will make home values worthless so anyone […]

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