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Feb 10 2014

Commenting Disabled For Now

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Word Press is under a serious attack. basically bots are creating accounts, trying to get access. I have turned of new accounts. You may be able to comment if you had an account. Will take days to fix.  I will probably have to authorize every new comment. Please be patient.

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Feb 03 2014

Seahawks Rocked The Broncos

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I really, really, really enjoyed the Super Bowl.  And normally a blow-out like we saw last night is boring, but this year there was a lot of emotion and drama in the blow-out, which made it more interesting. First off, the Broncos where just out-played. The ‘Hawks came hungry. But that is only the tip […]

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Feb 02 2014

Dylan Farrow Exposes Why America Is Slipping From The Shiny City On The Hill

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I have been swamped with work – or more correctly swamped surviving the wondrous Obama economic mess. The good news is we may be seeing some light ahead, and it is not a train! This and the fact that past 6 years of Obama’s leadership mess is still settling in has given me pause to […]

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