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Oct 22 2016

10_22_16 General Election Polls: Toss Up, Trend Continues For Trump

This is the fifth day I have looked at the general election polls for POTUS at RCP. My previous posts were: Oct 21, 2016 Oct 20, 2016 Oct 18 & Oct 19, 2016 This is basically an uncomplicated assessment of the general election taken each day by averaging the % of the general election polls […]

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Oct 20 2016

Today’s General Election Polls Show Toss Up, Trending Trump

I thought it might be interesting to look at just the recent polls until the election, since where we are heading over the next three weeks is more important than were we have been over the last few months. So here is the midday snapshot of the RCP polls for today, October 20th, 2016: We […]

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Sep 19 2016

Three Clear Signs Of Trump-Pence Momentum

  It seems Les Deplorables are truly rising up in protest against the Political Elites. Three clear signs have been detected that America (64% who feel we are on the “Wrong Track”) are in no mood for a typical, flawed politician for President. Sign Number 1 – tilt in polls to Trump: A recent Detroit […]

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Oct 09 2013

GOP Response To Shutdown Bland, Whimpy, Defensive

Now I understand why the GOP continues to poll worse than the Dems in regard to the Shutdown Theater. They have no fire in their political efforts. A GOP ad has been released and it underscores this problem: The ad is boringly factual, focused on House GOP CYA (we passed bills to fund the government) […]

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Oct 04 2013

Cold Hearted Dems Relying On GOP Campassion For Americans To Win Shutdown

You have to wonder how cold the Democrats are when it comes to the “huddled masses”. Especially when you see crap like this: Senior admin official admits: We’re winning so it doesn’t matter to us when the shutdown ends The reality is clear to everyone, but no good can come from formal acknowledgment. Says Sam […]

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Nov 04 2012

Nevada Early Vote Indicates Possible Romney Win

Nevada has completed its early voting, and while Democrats have a slight lead in raw numbers, the GOP and Independents have also come out in force. Therefore, some reasonable turnout calculations show a possible Romney win. Here’s the math: Final vote tallies (ref here and here): Democrats: 307,877 (43.9%) Republicans: 259,913 (37%) Independents: 134,055 (19.1%) […]

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Nov 03 2012

Polling In An Alternate Universe

A slew of polls are out from WSJ/NBC/Marist showing Obama leads in Ohio and elsewhere. Only problem is the turn out models appear to be devoid of all reality. First, you will want to read this: While Obama is ahead in early raw voting numbers in Florida and North Carolina, voting expert Michael McDonald, a […]

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Nov 02 2012

Where Have All The Democrats Gone?

Updates Galore! – at the end of post A very interesting study is out from a left wing think tank that may have the explanation for why the polls are all skewed to Obama compared to what people see as a Romney surge on the ground and nationally. It has to do with a migration […]

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Oct 31 2012

State Polls Trending Towards National Polls & Romney Win

Update 3: The folks over at Powerline rip Quinnipiac and their mind boggling fictional turnout model: discount the Quinnipiac results, however, because its sample consists of 35 percent Democrats and 28 percent Republicans. That’s a better split for the Dems than they enjoyed in 2008. There is little reason to believe that the Democrats will […]

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Oct 30 2012

Obama’s Firewall A Sad PR Myth

The reality of the last 4 years of the Obama administration is starting to come crashing down on the left wing echo chambers in DC, NY and San Francisco. Obama’s firewall of swing states is folding like a domino set made of cheap lawn chairs. It is so bad warning signs are flaring up in […]

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