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May 16 2008

New look, Be Patient

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Well AJ is so excited about showing off the new site, you’d think it was Xmas. I’m going to officially declare no more posts or comments at midnight tonight. I will try to have the final batch of posts/comments moved by midday on Saturday, so be patient. Thanks for your wonderful support of the Strata-Sphere! […]

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May 16 2008

Clinton Camp Digs Down Into The Muck

Rumors of a devastating tape of Michelle Obama are being spread by the Clinton shock troops: And from whence does it come. Well from Hillary Clinton supporter and somewhat veracity-challenged Larry Johnson, at “No Quarter”, who, quite naturally, implies it is the Republicans (but seems quite happy about the possible result none-the-less) playing this card: […]

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May 16 2008

Cry Baby Obama

Boy, Obama sure is looking the fool over his Surrendercrat plan to run from Iraq and talk to Iran and al-Qaeda (can we all just get along). Bush rightfully noted how history has shown ‘talking’ doesn’t work when dealing with blood-thirsty and suicidal extremists. And how does Obama respond? He cries ‘unfair’! Barack Obama rebuked […]

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May 16 2008

Conservatives Being Wooed By Both Parties, More Opportunities For Progress

Glenn Reynolds asks an interesting question today: SO IF THE REPUBLICANS ARE IN TROUBLE, WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO HAPPY? I’m at the NRA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. I haven’t been to a big gun event in probably a decade, and the change in mood is striking: People are, well . . . not ebullient, […]

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May 16 2008

Liberal Media Show For The Gullible

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So it seems liberals found a soldier who would be happy to play a starring role in their made-for-TV production of “Bush’s Illegal War”, wherein the poor, uneducated, desperate hick from the country is seduced into protecting his company, tricked into fighting an ‘illegal’ war – a war Congress authorized and has funded for 5 […]

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May 16 2008

Updates On The War In Iraq 05_16_08

In the weeds today so some short posts on news you may not have seen on events in Iraq. This article out of Europe has a reasonably good history, and well detailed overview of the Sadr/Mahdi Army conflict in Iraq. Interestingly these folks conclude the Sadrist have been crippled and Maliki strengthened, when all is […]

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