May 18 2005


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Who is AJStrata? Well for one thing I would like to remain anonymous for a while until I see what I am getting into here!

I was raised a democrat since my grandfather, on my mother’s side, was a democrat US Congressman from Ohio many decades ago. That was a time when the democrat party was the party of FDR and Kennedy. A party long gone and now only a memory. Today’s democrats are not even a shadow of the people from the middle of the last century, and it shows all too well.

I left the democrat party for good to become an independent (for good it seems) during Reagan’s first term. When I realized that not only had all the Chicken Little predictions from the democrats not come true, but that Reagan was demonstrating what conservatives principles and ideas could create. I would never allow myself to be manipulated by any political party again. I am an unabashed conservative, but The fringes worry me and I am glad to see that the political and independent middle now determine which way this country will go. I broke with the hyper conservative movement on April 14th, 2009 for the same reasons I left the Democrats.

I was born, raised and still live in Northern Virginia. Therefore I have known the political class up close and personal. And I know they are simply people trying to do the right thing, but that does not excuse excessive and immoral means to their ends. I think this is true for most people. I am not impressed or cowed by anyone’s position or power – only by the results they achieve.

I am not politically active, but actively follow politics. The wife and I have had the fortune to live through the Internet’s evolution. We can recall the day when I first brought home the Mosaic software (first web browser) and ‘surfed’ the pages (all Mosaic’s of course). It was a huge leap from the days of Internet billboards and message boards. And look what has happened since then. The world has been transformed by communications, and soon by the weblogs. I am proud to join those pioneers who established the electronic pamphleteers of our time – those who are listed in my BlogRoll (and many more I still need to add!).

The wife and I have four kids (at this writing on our debut date of 05-18-05 they are 25, 20 and twins at age 10 – yes, we know…) and started our own small company only a short two years ago. We both are software System Engineers in divergent fields, and our company has a few contracts with the Federal Government (hence my reservations about going public all at once). With the launching of our Weblog, we now only need to figure out how to fit in family, company, blogging.

I hope people find this site of some value to them and to the serious political debates of our times.

Cheers, AJStrata

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  1. ivehadit says:

    AJ, can you contact the person (s) that made the great video you posted about CRA/FannieMae/FreddieMac and ask them to remake it without the music or with music that is allowed?
    It has been taken down from YouTube and many people want to send it around or post it on their blogs.
    Thank you,

  2. fatherlandfatherland says:

    Thought these might interest you.


    Fuhrer Obama Hitler Youth – Sing For Change

    Tomorrow Belongs To Me

  3. bush_is_best says:

    Obama = Hitler?

    WOW! GREAT ANALOGY! Obviously you look at similarities and much as you look at differences. You analyze world leaders, potential world leaders, and candidates with a wide array of unbiased criteria. You have studied the emergence of promising young politicians and compared those findings with historical evidence, and taken into account factors regarding time and place and era and circumstance. Your brain, then decides, that Adolf Hitler from 1930’s/40’s Germany, and Barack Obama from early 2000’s United states, are the two candidates and leaders who most closely and accurately mirror one another? You have undoubtedly considered Hitlers legacy, and what that means to people of all backgrounds. What foresight, I mean, a world war, a holocaust, millions dead, all that real life suffering… knowing full well that the greatest generation still lives today and can remember first hand the atrocities that made hitler so infamous… You have taken this knowledge and research and been compelled to share your findings with the world… bravo, and in what manner? 1930’s hitler youth footage, from a rally during his time of local popularity, with an overdubbed song featuring Obamas name. Wow… what creativity… you should be so proud. So clever! and so accurate, you really establish yourself as a true visionary and a centrist, level-headed thinker. You could have made so many other analogies, but you chose hitler… way to go… you are a _ _ _ _ _ _’ idiot and I hope Obamas presidency improves your life to the point where your fearful ignorant denial has to work overtime to continue to lie to yourself. Good work!

  4. freedomfinally says:


    re your posts about Obama’s house

    Are you still looking into the house?
    Someone sent me your info as they know that i have been working on some research for Andy Martin.

    I would like to discuss somethings with you but i do not want to post for public view. Could you please write me at
    In it put a code word that only you would know that is in the email.

    Once I receive an email from you, I will come back here and post the code word in order for you to verify that it is an email from you and not someone that just read my post wanting info.


  5. MariaDreamActivist says:


    My name is Maria and I am a DREAM Act beneficiary. I arrived in this country at the young age of 12, with my parents, from Peru. I am now 21 years old and undocumented. I have grown up in the United States and consider this country my only home. If sent back to Peru, I would be banned from the U.S. for 10 years and the chances of coming back are slim to none. I graduated from high school in 2004 and since then, it has been difficult for me to continue my education as a result of my status. The DREAM Act would help me, and students in my situation, realize our dreams of becoming active members of society by allowing us to attend school or join the military.

    Currently, there is an active project on CHANGE.ORG, a website that will present the top 10 ideas that it generates to the Obama administration upon its inauguration. has presented the idea “Pass the DREAM Act Now” ( and it has gathered enough support to make it to the second round.

    YOUR BLOG is the most invaluable tool you have in order to help us,
    Starting January 5th, the voting polls will re-open for the second round. We will ONLY have 10 days to gather as many votes and support as possible in order to become one of the top 10 ideas that will be presented to the Obama administration. There will be a widget that you can post on your website to allow readers to vote for our cause, as well as tell their friends to do so as well. Also consider voting for the other immigration ideas that made it to the second round, as they also need your support. This project is of extreme importance and your prompt participation is greatly appreciated.

    Also, DreamACTivist and the United We DREAM Coalition will be launching a website on January 21 ( that will become a 65,000 petition drive for the DREAM Act, signifying the 65,000 undocumented students that would benefit from this act each year. Please visit for more information and consider joining our efforts to make the DREAM Act a reality in 2009.

    Please, don’t hesitate to contact me with further questions at

    In solidarity,

    Maria M.
    Co-Founder of

  6. Buckeyes says:

    Get ready for the biggest dose of socialism in the history of the world. Our society will look like Western European countries, when complete. Oh, by the way, the only countries that had a lower GDP than ours last year, were the Western European Countries.

  7. Elisi44 says:

    You have an excellent blog. Your ideas are “sound”. I now source your blog first before all the other very well know blogs. You “hit the nail on the head” every time for me. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. AJStrata says:


    Many thank! Need the encouragement occasionally.

  9. Mark78 says:
    AJ, have you revisited this since the IDA report came out talking about terror plots in Saudi Arabia?

  10. Paul_In_Houston says:

    Just saw this at Atlas Shrugs…

    “Ethicsgate” Video back up! bama Operatives Behind Palin Legal Harassment and “Ethics” Charges

    “Ethicsgate” Video back up! bama Operatives Behind Palin Legal Harassment and “Ethics” Charges


  11. (Couldn’t seem to reply to your email, sorry.) I can see I should have been less abbreviated. But thanks for replying.
    I couldn’t find an ordinary contact line on your site, so just wrote to the first open spot. (Like your posts, btw. My son will be joining soon as well, he’s the scientist.)

    My thesis is that there should/could be a mathematical formula/program to allow candidates, pundits, news organizations, consulting firms etc to determine how much it would cost (i.e., feasibility) to reduce a lead (or increase it) an increment of one point. A lot of variables I know. Maybe too many to have any reliability.

    I’m a consultant, and advise (among other things) on the ability to interdict a criminal event when it’s clear the law can’t or won’t…say Brown Co Texas (Houston) right now, where I’m in a debate with some reporters as to the impact of cheating there when none of the 9 district campaigns are polling under 8%…6- GOP, 3 Dem. I’d like (for future elections) to be able to put a price tag on how much it would cost ….labor, etc…to steal x votes per 1% of expected voters. Is this feasible? At what point does it become cost-prohibitive? Stuff like that.

    I think you can see why a lot of people would pay for good reliable information of this sort.

    As for your last question, my bona fides can be found at RS. We don’t condone stealing, but I (at least) do condone preventing it. (That’s one of my skill sets, I’m an old Russian sector cold warrior..) Being able to tell clients how much it will cost to steal a lead, or protect one E.g., in Houston, one D district is only +8, and I’m arguing the wholesale cheating in going to pump up that one candidate’s #’s, and not steal any of the GOP, which are at 13+, which I assume are bridges too far. But if you can steal 13 points for a few hundred thousand dollars, maybe not. Most of the stealing there is institutional based…county election officials, but all they do usually is pave the way for actual ballot fraud. (Early voting now).

    A client would be willing to pay to know if the journalistic outrage is much adieu about nothing, or carries some heat. I’m just looking for a tool, but also think it would a marketable tool, far much more for those wishing to prevent stealing, not enable it. The crooks are very clever, and come up with new ways every cycle…but each new way seems to be more and more expensive, so i can’t see such a tool helping them. Maybe I’m wrong.

    My original idea was to put out a query as an article to a general audience, including a few guys at Heritage, but then your name fell into my lap.

    It was just a thought, something I’d like to discuss more in the next 2-3 months.

    Thanks again,

  12. oneal lane says:


    This is totally off topic. I know from prior conversation you have an interest in guitars, this is an interesting insight into soviet society and soviet era electric guitars.

    I will be looking forward to the solar powered “Obamacaster”


  13. Koba says:


    You previously produced an excellent series of articles on the Litvinenko case. You may or may not be aware that a public inquiry into his death has been opened in London:

    Perhaps you might wish to look at this topic again?



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