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Jan 31 2009

Moderate Man Of Steele Takes RNC Helm, New GOP Emerging

  There is hope for the GOP, it has turned another corner and is back on a positive track. The GOP has begun the necessary process of ‘purifying’ itself from the unreliable far right (or ‘true conservatives’) who spend more time insulting fellow conservatives who don’t toe their line than making conservative progress in manageable […]

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Dec 21 2008

True Conservatism Is Truly Losing It, And The Nation

The ‘true conservatives’ have not only lost the Congress in 2006, and the Presidency in 2008, they are on a path to losing it all the way. They look at the loss of moderate McCain to (what now seems to be moderate) Obama and make the ridiculous claim that those evil moderates cannot win (while […]

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Aug 16 2008

The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight – The Far Right, Updated

The “true” conservatives, whose invectives against moderate and independent conservatives (e.g., RINOS, Quislings, etc) successfully handed Congress to the liberals in 2006, are again pointing their guns at the kind of non-fringe compromise which America wants on serious issues facing this nation. One of the big ‘failures’ in the eyes of The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight during […]

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Jan 27 2008

The McCain Effect – An Amnesty Hypochondriac Production

How is it John McCain is now best positioned to win the GOP nomination? If he wins FL (and recent endorsements by Gov Crist and Sen Martinez shows he has some gathering strength there) he will have supposedly turned the GOP on its head. Rush Limbaugh predicts the end of the party as we all […]

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Jun 25 2007

Gutting McCain-Feingold

Well, the GOP’s Supreme Court Hypochondriacs (you know, the ones that wrung their hands for two years over the Gang of 14 and Harriet Miers and started the destruction of the conservative governing coalition) are getting a big “I told you so” from me today: he Supreme Court loosened restrictions Monday on corporate- and union-funded […]

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May 09 2006

Coalition Of The Chillin’

The Coalition of The Chillin’ – established during the initial phases of the filibuster debate when the Gang of 14 Senators was instantiated and there was hysterical speculation the end of Bush’s judicial nominees was nigh – has another feather to stick in its cap with today’s hearings on Circuit Court nominee Brent Kavanaugh: White […]

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Jan 31 2006

Alito Confirms The Coalition Of The Chillin’

Professor Bainbridge sums up the Alito confirmation and Gang of 14 and the Coalition of the Chillin’ here. All I can say is ‘exactly right!’.

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Jan 30 2006

Cloture Vote!

Just sat down for a snack when I noticed the vote was on. Some of the interesting votes I caught are below. We know the Reps will vote for closure so the dems will be interesting. Clinton – no (pro filibuster) Mikulski – yes Murray – no Cantwell – yes Leiberman – yes Reid – […]

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Jan 30 2006

Carnival Of The Chillin’ – Alito

On the eve of Alito’s confirmation to the US Supreme Court we wanted to hear from members of the Coalition of the Chillin’ on what the Gang of 14 Agreement meant as we look back to all that has transpired since. I think it is fair to say the filibuster-nuclear option debate has subsided significantly […]

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Jan 30 2006

Alito’s Day

I am going to keep this short, mainly because there is not a lot to say. The Democrats have been performing their usual trick of misleading bravado since the Gang of 14 agreement last spring. That agreement caused a lot of handwringing on the right – with the exception of the Coalition of the Chillin’ […]

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