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Jan 31 2007

Fitz’s Folly VI – 1999 Wilson Report Caused Iraq Concerns!

[Note: Updates at the end. Folks, the jem is at the bottom after the fold. To summarize, Wilson went to Niger to debunk his own earlier report from 1999]. Now we have Judith Miller, and the case for the prosecution starts to fall apart more. Key date to hold in your mind while going through […]

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Jan 31 2007

Fitz’s Folly V

Sorry for the light posting – lots of work. Some comments on Ari Fliescher before we leave him and move onto the other witnesses. As I said before Ari is the perfect foil to Libby. He felt he had done something wrong, and resisted testifying, got a lawyer, etc. He acted guilty, even though in […]

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Jan 30 2007

Kovtun Creams UK Media

I had to laugh at all those who claimed that Litvinenko’s murderer was caught on CTV cameras at Heathrow arriving with Dmitri Kovtun as he came into London to meet Lugovoi and Litvinenko. Let me hand it over to Dmitri: RT: Mr Kovtun, some British media also quote the former KGB agent Gordievsky who claims […]

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Jan 30 2007

Science Says Global Warming A Natural Phenomena

The problem with the “Man-Made” Global Warming crowd has always been their ADMITTED lack of hard evidence. They supposed Global Warming was tied to human activity and ran from there – demonstrating a complete lack of the scientific method and making all their predcitions and assumptions no more scientifically based than an episode of Star […]

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Jan 30 2007

Putting Iran On Notice – What Choice?

I was listening in to Laura Ingrahm talk to Brit Hume this morning and Hume, as usual, makes a good point regarding the President warning Iran about attacks on US personnel and our Iraqi allies. The point is basically what would the BDS driven maniacs do differently? The truth is an attack on our people […]

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Jan 29 2007

24 Season 6, 10:00 AM to 1200 PM

Being on the road I had to wait until this weekend to see 24 from last week, and then before I knew it tonight’s episode was upon us. I find it really interesting Jack’s brother turns out to be his arch enemy from seasons past. They guy is definitely a little dweeb. I am looking […]

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Jan 29 2007

Fitzgerald’s Folly IV

Fitz is having an abysmal time trying to paint a picture of the Office of VP (OVP) and WH (President) on some mission of retribution against Wilson through Plame. Recall, these witnesses on now are the PROSECUTION’s witnesses. So when they get up and say ‘we worked on this matter heavily and had strategies laid […]

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Jan 29 2007

Clinton Blunders Badly

Hillary Clinton blundered badly today, and the BDS obsessed press blindly announced to the world the blunder, in an naive expectation that Clinton was ‘speaking truth to power’ no doubt. HILLARY CLINTON, at the beginning of her campaign for the presidency, has called on George Bush to get US forces out of Iraq by the […]

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Jan 29 2007

We Are At War With Iran

Based on reporting by Rick Moran and Bill Roggio it is clear the recent attack on a US outpost in Iraq by attackers disguised as Americans was actually an act of war by Iran: The American Forces Information Service provides the details of the attack in Karbala. Based on the sophisticated nature of the raid, […]

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Jan 29 2007

Lugovoi Contaminated In London – Not Moscow

Those of us following the Litvinenko incident and the Po-210 trail have said from day one the trail is the story and it must all fit together. We know the first sign of Po-210 is around Oct 16-18th of last year when Lugovoi and Kovtun came to London, stayed at the Parkes Hotel in Knightsbridge. […]

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