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Jun 23 2016

Congressional Democrats Stage Major Pout-In

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The Congressional Democrats have done America a great favor this week.  By staging their “Pout In”, these lovely little Congress-Critters have forced congress to shut down early for the July 4th break: The revolt in the House of Representatives entered a second day Thursday as protesting Democrats continued to demand votes on gun control measures […]

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Jun 11 2014

Obama Goes Wild & Creates Tea Party Backlash

It is really interesting watching the political dynamics this season. The Political Industrial Complex (Politicians and their staff, Political Consultants, Political News Media, Lobbyists, etc) has just been completely shocked today as the GOP House Majority Leader – Eric Cantor – lost his primary to an unknown Libertarian backed by Tea Party groups. It wasn’t […]

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Oct 09 2013

GOP Response To Shutdown Bland, Whimpy, Defensive

Now I understand why the GOP continues to poll worse than the Dems in regard to the Shutdown Theater. They have no fire in their political efforts. A GOP ad has been released and it underscores this problem: The ad is boringly factual, focused on House GOP CYA (we passed bills to fund the government) […]

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Jun 17 2013

Leaving Our People To Die In Benghazi

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Joe Digenova was on a local DC AM talk show this morning and said something very important about Benghazi and how the Pentagon and White House apparently decided to halt any efforts to provide support to our people being attacked in an unsecured consulate in Benhgazi. His main point was that the Chairman of the […]

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Mar 24 2011

The Emperor’s War

Americans don’t like their intelligence insulted. And right now blundering team Obama is shotgunning alibis and excuses so fast that they sound more like a kid caught doing something they promised their parents they would never do, instead of leading some mythical and pure humanitarian rescue. Every parent right now is cringing over the lameness […]

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Sep 20 2010

Democrats’ False Bravado

One of the wonders of this election cycle is watching Democrats pretend they still have a prayer at the polls. Everyone knows they overstepped with the American people and are going to pay a heavy price for their arrogance. What is stunning is how the DC insiders are just now realizing why you don’t elect […]

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Sep 14 2010

Democrats Privately Surrender Congress 2010

No surprise here – given that the House is gone and the Senate is 2 races from being gone (out of 13 in play): In my experience, ‘the big-time Democrat’ has hardly ever been wrong. He does not dislike President Obama. On the contrary, like most big-time Democrats, he worked hard for his election in […]

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Aug 08 2010

The Inflated Polls Of August

Update: It seems the Washington Post is seeing the same change in the public mood that I outlined below, and came to the same basic conclusion: But when the shouting dies down, it becomes possible to hear something else, something Democrats know is an even greater threat to them this fall. With polls consistently showing […]

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Jul 22 2010

You Can’t Manufacture Credibility & Respect

The democrat party, as a whole, is learning a harsh lesson these days. Where they naively thought success was measured by the amount of crap produced, they are now learning that the quality or success of their labors is the greater measure by far. If they could do one thing well they would be on […]

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Apr 08 2010

Oh Democrat Congress, How Do We Hate Thee …

Let Gallup count the ways. President Obama and his liberal cohorts in Congress have made history this year, and I am not talking about that wreck called Obamacare. The liberals in DC have made this Congress the most despised in modern times: A record-low percentage of U.S. voters — 28% — say most members of […]

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