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Oct 12 2007

Remember Mary McCarthy, CIA Leaker?

Remember Mary McCarthy, the CIA employee in the Inspector General’s office who admitted to leaking classified information to the news media – for political purposes no doubt. My posts on the issue are few since the story went into the black hole of classified information. Here they are for reference and a reminder that Ms […]

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May 14 2006

WaPo Conceals McCarthy’s Rogue Buddies

In the Washington Post article I discussed in this previous post, the one where the independent minded, maverick Mary McCarthy all of sudden decided not to alert Congress to problems but instead anonymously (thus losing the clout of her position) tell the media, the WaPo relied on anonymous friends to vouch for her strange behavior. […]

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May 13 2006

Mary McCarthy Admits Her Maverick Ways

*** Update: interesting look at one of the NSC sources in the WaPo article and his ties to the leftward fringes *** Looks like Mary McCarthy and the rogue CIA agents, along with the news media (and an out of control prosecutor?) have decided the time is right to admit she was just trying to […]

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May 01 2006

Power Grab By Ultra-Liberal Delusionists

*** Major Correction:  Through out this piece I confused Melvin Goodman with Dana Priest’s husband William Goodfellow (I’m human!)  However, Goodman is a member of Goodfellow’s CIP organization.  So while the author is not married to Priest, he is a close associate and kindred spirit of Priest’s husband *** *** Updates near the end, below […]

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Apr 27 2006

McCarthy Lays Low

After Mary McCarthy’s lawyer attempted a pathetic push back in the media using Clinton-speak to deny very focused ‘phrases’, it seems McCarthy has pulled the plug on her leftward lawyer’s tactics and is now doing the smart thing – laying low. Mac Ranger sees the same thing I have been seeing, nothing new from McCarthy. […]

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Apr 26 2006

More Rogue CIA Agents In The Media

Major Update: I never noticed this March 2003 article before which claims that it was the VIPS who leaked the Niger forgeries to the IAEA (from the VIPS link below). The leak to IAEA came from a 25-member group of former CIA analysts and agents who call themselves the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). […]

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Apr 26 2006

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary – But Just Like Nixon

*** Too funny: I see Nathan Tabor at The Conservative Voice used the same nysery rhyme title I did. Honest Nathan, I did not mean to copy you! *** Lots of good stuff in blogosphere on Mary McCarthy. Kitty Litter has a great round up overall. Mind In The Qatar has a great diagram showing […]

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Apr 25 2006

Fly By 04/25/06

*** Update: polls are actually lagging indicators to where the nation is heading. A leading indicator is consumer confidence, which is now at a 4 year high! The summer rebound is coming, barring any disasters *** To folks new to the site, the ‘Fly By’ post is a way for me to attempt to be […]

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Apr 24 2006

McCarthy Lawyers Up

*** Captain Ed Morrissey has some excellent thoughts on this matter here. Interesting to see the good Captain was an FSO, so was I at one (brief) time. *** Well, this is a surprise. Mary McCarthy, who according to government sources admitted to exposing classified information to reporters, and possibly specifically Dana Priest of the […]

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Apr 24 2006

Beers: McCarthy Denying She Leaked

In a stunning reversal, Mary McCarthy is apparently denying she leaked CIA Prison story (even thoug, if she admitted to the act the CIA would have a signed statement to the contrary I would think): A former CIA officer who was sacked last week after allegedly confessing to leaking secrets has denied she was the […]

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