May 18 2005


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I have seen many sites recommend terms be set forth with regards to their blog site. So here we go.

The opinions set forth here are my own, and when based on information developed by others I will make all efforts to cite those sources and give them credit. I reserve the rights to these opinions (they are mine of course) and inventions or ideas put forth. I do not waive any rights to intellectual property through the act of marketing them through this communication medium known as ‘a blog’.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any outside references contained at this site, that is the responsibility of the referenced source and I take it on face value they have made best efforts on accuracy.

This is an opinion site, not a site for finding or determining fact. So please treat it in the manner it is intended to be used.

If you take actions based on what is contained in this site, those actions are your responsibility and not ours. By reading this site or referencing it, you agree to these terms without question.

Sorry for the legalese, too many lawyers in the family.

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  1. Retired lawyer, too, soo understand.

    I’m Vassar Bushmills, from and you have few fans there. So i come on a referral.

    I was thinking on doing a post at RS on this topic in Nov-Dec, but liked what I’d read here, so thought I’d run it by you first.

    I’m interested in your theoretical math skills. In short, based on known criteria, and the variety of ways one can do it, just how much does it cost, in man hours, etc, to steal (yes steal) 1% of a margin of vote? i.e., to reduce a 7 point lead to 6, to 5, to 3, etc?

    I have my own ideas, but bow to yours which are clearly better. I think you have a pretty good product to see in 2012 in you can derive a formula. I may even have a few clients.


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