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May 30 2008

Sadr’s Call For Friday Protest A Total Bust

As I predicted a few days ago, Moqtada’s call for Friday protests by his followers has fallen way short of previous protests: Thousands of people heeded a call from anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to protest talks between Washington and Baghdad on keeping U.S. troops in Iraq beyond 2008, but turnout on Friday was lower than […]

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May 30 2008

Surrendercrats Must Face Our Enemy’s Vision For America

The democrats want to ‘talk’ to terrorists, work out some deal, end the war before we seal our victory. As I noted in the post below the Bush plan, to defeat the terrorists, is actually working and picking up momentum. Today al-Qaeda did the world a favor, and decimated the Democrat policy foolishness, by graphically […]

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May 30 2008

Success Continues In The War On Terror – Too Large To Ignore Or Deny Any Longer

The perpetrators of the 9-11 atrocities, and many other atrocities on the West since then, are heading for defeat. They are being brought to justice for their heinous crimes. America is on the verge of making good on all those promises we made to the 3,000 who died that fateful day in 2001. Along the […]

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