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Oct 07 2016

Oh How The “Stupid” Burns!!

  We know the “News” media will do or say anything to prop up poor Hillary. But recently we have had a spate of such moronic commentary it actually is burning my brain. I happen to be one of those quasi rocket scientists who has worked on little things like NASA’s Space Station (just to […]

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May 26 2016

Are Obama & The Radical Left Supporting Trump?

I have to ask: is President Obama and the Radical Left actually part of the Trump campaign? I mean who is doing more to drive centrist and independent voters into the Trump Camp than these people? Consider the following cases. Case 1: Federal edicts for invading the privacy of women in public places because a […]

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Jul 27 2014

Obama’s Politically Suicidal Brinkmanship

I am here to remind everyone who sees deep, ever-lasting dangers in President Obama’s current actions to remain calm.  Right now our Lame Duck is attempting to create enough emotional strife between left and right to save his clearly damaged legacy.  The latest effort – the border and immigration crisis – is meant to push […]

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Jun 20 2014

Green Obssession Is Killing People

Liberals and Green’s are obsessed with their fantasies concerning renewable energy, CO2, global warming, etc. It has become a religion so powerful that all evidence that these fantasies do not exist is duly ignored. The act of obsessing  becomes critical when some fantasy gets in the way of responsible behavior. Even worse, when obsession blocks […]

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Jun 16 2014

Global Warming Alert: Data Lousy & Models Unrealistic

This one just had my jaw dropping. But a little background first. The scientific method – before being broken and manipulated by the Global Warming Alarmists – was all about proving a theory against reality. If reality and the theoretica predictions did not match, the theory was proven to be wrong and tossed. Or, in […]

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Jun 12 2014

(100,000’s of Jobs + Billions of Taxpayer $’s) x 85 years = 0.018° C

This post is about jaw dropping arrogance from the Obama Administration, and what I fear is rampant ignorance and/or apathy now infecting American society. The arrogance is captured in the equation above, and comes from two recent posts on the EPA edicts on fighting global warming (i.e., controlling CO2 production). First, this fact about these […]

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Jun 11 2014

Obama Goes Wild & Creates Tea Party Backlash

It is really interesting watching the political dynamics this season. The Political Industrial Complex (Politicians and their staff, Political Consultants, Political News Media, Lobbyists, etc) has just been completely shocked today as the GOP House Majority Leader – Eric Cantor – lost his primary to an unknown Libertarian backed by Tea Party groups. It wasn’t […]

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Mar 31 2014

Apocalypse Now!

H/T Drudge for the image Must be the year of the Chicken Littles. First we have a tortured version of the biblical story of Noah and the great flood: Lost within the film’s extreme environmentalist message is that the actual sins of the pre-Flood people were a rebellion against God and also man’s inhumanity to […]

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Mar 03 2014

What Real Science Tells Us About Current & Historic Climate

Well its about time I get back to current events. The big milestone at work is past, so we can all go back to something resembling a 40 hour work week. [Note: the emphasis]. So let’s begin with reality – and climate. I ran across this article on WUWT, and I really wanted to emphasize […]

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Oct 06 2013

IPCC with “High Confidence” Calls Off Climate Armageddon

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While the latest IPCC PR is hyping the fraction of a degree of warming over the last 100 years (as if we could measure the global average temperature to a fraction of a degree 100 years ago, back before everyone had electricity, indoor plumbing and cars), in a little advertised section of the latest report […]

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