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May 19 2008

Pakistan And US Are Purging Tribal Areas Of Militants

It may be that Pakistan is serious about cleansing the tribal areas of terrorists and militants.  At least that is what some recent reporting shows: Amid US concerns about talks between the new government and the rebels, the Pakistani military flew in reporters to show how it has sealed off the main access points to […]

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May 19 2008

Sadr City Residents Welcome End Of Mahdi Army Siege

Well, well. Seems the residents of Sadr City are damn glad to see the Iraqi Government show up. Example one: One of the aims of the deal was to impose a four-day cease-fire and get troops into the district a few days later to impose law and order, clear bombs, and collect weaponry used by […]

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May 19 2008

Obama: Americans Must Do As World Says

Updated: added some text and diagrams I know Obama is getting record crowds, estimated as high as 75,000 in Portland, OR.  But is curiosity the same thing as support?  Are these massive crowds going to vote en masse? Obama is a draw, but is he selling liberalism like never before or are liberals simply coming out like […]

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