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May 23 2008

Democrat Congressman: We Lied To Anti-War Liberals (And America) To Win Congress

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Wow – a politician who seems to have to tell the truth has admitted that the Democrats lied to their anti-war base about stopping the war in Iraq: More specifically, Paul Kanjorski’s problem is that he was publicly honest about the intentionaldishonesty of Congressional Democrats (and Democrat candidates) in the run-up to the 2006 election […]

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May 23 2008

All Wars – Whether Victories, Defeats Or Draws – Leave Behind Troubles. We Can Declare Victory In Iraq

The last great war, World War II, was a victory for the West over the last rise of fascism.  At that time the Fascism rose on the shoulders of racism.   In the current war on terror the fascist rose on the shoulders of religious extremism.  But very few remember clearly what happens when wars […]

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May 23 2008

The Fight Over The Future Of Conservatism And The GOP Is On

See Update Below Well, it started back in 2006 when Bush nominated ex-democrat (wasn’t Reagan an ex-dem?) Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court and the far right went ape.  The far right rose up again on Dubai Ports World’s selection to run some US docks.  Even though the UAE, home of DPW, hosts the largest […]

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May 23 2008

Most Bizarre – Severed Feet In Shoes Washing Up In Canada

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I don’t even know where to begin, except that this a very serious and troubling mystery: A fourth human foot in a shoe has been found in B.C., this time on an island near the mouth of the Fraser River. Richmond RCMP confirmed late Thursday afternoon that a team of investigators had been sent to […]

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