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Jan 29 2009

Blago’s Defense Speech

1215 PM Eastern: Governor Blagojevich is stating his case to the Illinois Senate and the people of Illinois. He may have some powerful ammunition in his hip pocket. Right now is claim is he deserves is day in court first. I happen to agree with him. There is no PROOF of anything, simply a criminal complaint. If […]

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Dec 31 2008

Blagojevich May Have Upper Hand – And Who Is This Balanoff?

Again, my apologies for the light posting. Between the holiday events and shipping our Marine recruit off to boot camp we have been swamped. And I have been extremely demoralized with the idiocy coming out of the extreme right. We have major national issues at hand and some people have just lost all perspective on […]

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Dec 23 2008

The Art Of Lying – Badly Or Baldly

Boy, whatever happened between Team Blagojevich and Team Obama regarding Obama’s old senate seat it must be pretty damning, given the amount of 3rd grade word parsing contained in the Obama Whitewash Report. I mean the damn thing is incoherent and self contradicting! For example: The President-Elect had no contact or communication with Governor Blagojevich […]

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Dec 23 2008

Depends On The Meaning Of “Inappropriate”

Updates Below The next lame attempt by TEAM Obama to address its contacts with TEAM Blagojevich is due out this afternoon. And from the preliminary reporting I can see we are in for another round of lame Clintoneque word parsing. VP-Elect Joe Biden stepped into the spotlight today to give his pre-spin spin: “I don’t […]

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Dec 23 2008

Team Obama Is Badly Bungling The Blagojevich Scandal

America is not ready to reject Obama yet, but the Blagojevich scandal sure has set the stage for a serious erosion in support for the agent of “change”: Twelve percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Monday say Obama aides did something illegal, with another 36 percent feeling Obama aides didn’t […]

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Dec 21 2008

Team Obama Was The Side Pressuring For Senate Successor – Not Team Blagojevich

Updates Below Ex-mayor Willie Brown has shed some critical light onto the Obama-Blagojevich affair. It seems now that this was all a push initiated by team Obama to stop Blagojevich from selecting a successor to Obama. It seems Blagojevich has a candidate in mind that Obama wanted to stop. In light of what Willie Brown […]

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Dec 18 2008

Where Will The Rahm-Blag Discussions Lead?

Again, my apologies for the light postings this week. Have been in continuous meetings, and to be honest not much of the news is really catching my interest. With the exception of the cloud that has now settled over the incoming Obama administration as it relates to the Blagojevich criminal charges. This week more and […]

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Dec 13 2008

The Obama Administration Is Now Damaged Goods, Obama Lied To America

Update: A consensus is brewing about Obama’s pending troubles – see here, here, here and here. Major Update Below! The big dominos seem to be falling already, less than a week from the news breaking.  I simply cannot fathom the damage Barack Obama and Rahm Emmanuel have done to their incoming administration, a month before […]

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Dec 12 2008

Why Is Obama Being Coy On Blagojevich’s Extortion Efforts?

Major Update: Someone with sources inside the FBI has information someone ordered the delay of the Blagojevich charges until after the election to make sure it did not hurt Obama’s election chances. If so that too is going to cause a lot of heartburn. I know for a fact FBI Chicago had enough to indict […]

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Dec 11 2008

Obama Admits His Reps Talked To Team Blagojevich

Obama has admitted two things today regarding the spreading scandal engulfing Governor Rod Blagojevich: Team Obama did have contact with Team Blagojevich recently, and  Obama is not making a firm denial of wrong doing. Instead he is expressing ‘confidence’ there was no wrong doing.  While the liberal rags (thank god these dinosaurs are facing financial […]

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