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May 20 2008

NY Times Admits Iraq A Success – So Far

The successes in Iraq keep mounting to the point even the die-hard liberal SurrederMedia has had to admit defeat – for the terrorists and extremists.  Check out this NY Times article, which addresses Sadr City, but reflects the reality of the entire Iraq war: Operation in Sadr City Is an Iraqi Success, So Far Iraqi […]

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May 20 2008

al-Qaeda Running Out Of Fighters, Goes After Children

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In Hitler’s final days there is a chilling photo of what the Nazi Fascists were willing to do to the German people in order to stave off defeat.  The picture shows children forced into defending Berlin from the wave of allied forces closing in on all sides to end the Nazi reign of terror. From […]

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May 20 2008

Prayers To The Kennedy Clan

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It is sad to hear Sen Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor.  While politics may divide us at times, our humanity must unite us when someone faces the tough fight against cancer.  Our best wishes to the Senator and his family.

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May 20 2008

Iraqis Take Control Of Sadr City From Mahdi Militia

Update:  BTW, I predicted back on April 7th Sadr would surrender in the end.  Looks like I got one right!  – end update The final cleansing of the Mahdi Army control in Iraq is happening today as Iraqi Forces swarm in to take control of the last bastion of the Mahdi Army, at the relief […]

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May 20 2008

That Michelle Obama Mystery Tape Surfaces Again

Larry Johnson is wild with conspiracy theories, but he also may be on to something (though I seriously doubt his version of things – the man is a professional liar for hire).  Recently he hinted at a GOP held tape of Michelle Obama railing against Whitey inside Rev Wright’s Trinity Church (something believable I guess). […]

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May 20 2008

Hillary Builds Momentum

As far as the liberal and political elite are concerned Hillary Clinton’s race for the White House is over.  But today will bring the people’s voice into the debate – the only voice that counts.  According to Real Clear Politics Clinton is heading for another smashing upset in KY today.  It seems the Democratic base […]

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