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Feb 28 2011

Pouting In Madison Brings Freedom

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Well, it has been a disaster for the left and the Democrats as they put on a major pout in Madison, WI and as they finally face the reality of this recession. Their risky socialist policies caused the economic meltdown, and their failed stimulus did nothing but put us into massive debt. All the while […]

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Feb 23 2011

Basic Difference Between Liberals & Conservatives

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I was listening to Rush Limbaugh briefly the other day and he was ranting on about the liberal nonsense of ‘shared sacrifice’, when it struck me how close he was to defining the basic difference between left and right. After liberals screw things royally (the very example of F.U.B.A.R.) they go on and on about […]

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Feb 22 2011

The End Of Autocratic Rule In The Muslim/Arab World

As protests ignite across the Muslim/Arab world I can only sit back and marvel at the historic times we live in. While there is a lot of hand wringing left and right, this widening call for freedom is the result expected when the US brought democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan. Once these two country demonstrated […]

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Feb 19 2011

Wisconsin Shows Government Workers Unwilling To Sacrifice

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The Wisconsin showdown appears to be a straw that breaks the patience of the American people. I need only point out a few simple math facts for the liberal numskulls on the left to see why the anger being shown by the protesters pails in comparison to what is building up in the minds of […]

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Feb 17 2011

When Government Waste, Fraud & Abuse Become The Norm

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One of the reasons the American people have become very libertarian in their views on government is because the government has become a massive money-pit of incompetence. As I listened to Democrats cry ‘Wolf!’ in the well of the House, claiming that cutting useless programs would starve children and hurt the elderly I realized no […]

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Feb 15 2011

Our National Debt Is A National Disgrace

Washington DC is still being way too timid about cutting the government down to MINIMAL size. Not “nice to have” size or “how can we not help” size, but minimal size. Back to a level were Americans are free to make their own decisions and live with the consequences of those decisions. Yesterday the news […]

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Feb 14 2011

The Middle East Transformation

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Sorry folks, buried under family issues and a massive work load so posting has been impossible. But I can’t help but note that some kind of transformational match has been lit in the MIddle East, what with the departure of Mubarak and elections this fall in Egypt, the dissolving of the Palestinian Cabinet, protests flaring […]

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Feb 11 2011

A New Future For Egypt As Mubarak Steps Down!

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I have to admit I think events, timing and the US position on the turmoil in Egypt as been as good as could be hoped. Clearly the people wanted a clean slate for their elections, and did not feel comfortable with the old regime hanging around too long. This would have at least allowed the […]

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Feb 10 2011

The Faux Panic Of Global Warming

This winter has proven that the world is unprepared to meet the basic needs of its citizens. As the myth of global warming spread among the ignorant – fed by the greedy and power hungry – no one stopped to even think about what was behind the delusion of global warming cries. Let alone the […]

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Feb 08 2011

Democrats Turn Hard Left, Over Political Cliff

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In the ho-hum doldrums of Obama’s Lame Duck session of congress it is clear the Democrat Party has succumbed to its hyper-partisan liberal fringe. It is not just the liberal spending and government takeover binge of the last congress, nor the realization the White House has not intentions of moderating, just hyper-spinning. The fact is […]

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