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Oct 21 2012

Obama Entering The Incumbent Danger Zone

Update: Another poll out with Obama at 47% – end update One reason I feel confident Romney will win this year is the poll standing for Obama. As I have posted many times, Obama seems to have hit a ceiling and is now highly likely to lose on November 6. While some focus on the […]

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Jan 18 2010

Another Poll Showing A Brown Wipe Out

How many ‘dots’ do liberals need to connect to get a clue? Another hour, another poll showing Brown way out in front: According to the survey conducted Sunday evening, Brown leads the Democratic attorney general 52 percent to 43 percent. … Brown holds a 15-point lead among males and crushes Coakley by 41 points among […]

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Jan 18 2010

Latest ARG Poll No Surprise – Brown Win

ARG is out with their final poll in MA: Massachusetts US Senate 1/17/2010 Brown Coakley Kennedy Undecided Likely voters 52% 45% 2% 2% Registration: Democrats (42%) 23% 73% 2% 2% Republicans (15%) 97% 1% – 2% Unenrolled/ Other (43%) 64% 32% 2% 2% Sex: Men (48%) 58% 39% 1% 2% Women (52%) 46% 50% 2% […]

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Jan 18 2010

Brown Blow Out?

If anybody has any video our transcript links to this I would love to see them: On Morning Joe this morning Mike Barnicle stated that he had been talking to Suffolk University pollers who had been canvassing in Massachusetts last night. They were working specifically in bellwether areas of the state to try and get a […]

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Jan 17 2010

Brown Pulls Out To 10% Lead – Updated

Updates Below! A new poll from, an outfit I am not familiar with (which means I have no idea of their credibility,  is out on the MA Special Election. Bottom line: Brown is cleaning Coakley’s clock by 9.6% (50.8%-41.2%).  3rd party candidate Kennedy comes in with a realistic 1.8% (in line with what we saw […]

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Jan 16 2010

How Bad Is Coakley Doing In Massachusetts?

What we are seeing in the way of public polls and rumors about internal polls for the Massachusetts special election is just stunning. The last two public polls to come out had Coakley behind by 4% and 15%. I seriously doubt the 15% lead for Brown, but the fact is it is completely plausible given […]

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Mar 04 2009

Conservatives Losing Ground With America

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It’s clear why the administration and media are trying to hoist Rush Limbaugh as the figurehead for the GOP – it seems to be having a negative effect on America’s support for the GOP and conservatism: Just 26 percent view the Republican Party positively, which is an all-time low for the party. That’s compared with […]

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Feb 07 2009

Stop Spending, Cut Taxes! America Speaks

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Americans came out with a surprise message to the Democrats and President Obama in a recent CBS News poll – a message surprising not being reported on by the news media. The stunning message concerns what is the better path out of recession: Federal Spending or Tax Cuts. The response was strongly towards tax cuts […]

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Nov 12 2008

Taking The Pulse Of America On Obama & The Dems

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There is a barometer for Americans to assess how well the Dems and Obama are doing – the right track/wrong track poll numbers. Since the election USA Today/Gallup checked the pulse of America and the election of Obama has not moved the needle: it is still pegged at 13% right track and 84% wrong track. […]

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Oct 30 2008

Another Poll Shocker – Obama Loses 2/3rds Of His Lead In One Week

The race is clearly tightening, according to another new national poll out today: As the candidates make their closing arguments before the election, the race has tightened with Barack Obama now leading John McCain by 47 percent to 44 percent among likely voters, according to a FOX News poll released Thursday. Last week Obama led […]

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