May 15 2008

Draining The Last Large al-Qaeda Swamp In Iraq

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Iraqi forces are standing up and taking control of their destiny in the War on Terrorism. The Surge worked, it gave Iraq enough security and breathing room to now finish the job. And hopefully the last big job is purging al-Qaeda from its last stronghold. Prime Minister Maliki sent forces north to Mosul to round up the al-Qaeda forces there. Back in January of this year the government claimed Iraq had penetrated al-Qaeda (something the US cannot do easily of course) and would be able to take them down swiftly:

The Interior Ministry announced Friday that al-Qaeda in Iraq has been successfully penetrated by means of a recently formed government security apparatus and is virtually an “open book,” confirming that the sectarian sedition in the country was at the end of its rope.

Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf, director of operations at the Interior Ministry, told KUNA here “we have succeeded in establishing a capable intelligence apparatus to penetrate the al-Qaeda organization in Iraq and all armed groups targeting Iraqi national security.” He said emphatically that the sectarian sedition in Iraq has virtually ended, adding that the new intelligence apparatus is able to achieve its objectives regarding all armed groups operating in Iraq.

Few took the bold statement as fact or an indication of things to come. I felt pretty confident the boldness was backed up by reality. And today we can see that indeed the Iraqi government had identified hundreds of al-Qaeda and their supporters, given the pace at which they are rounding them up in Mosul:

Iraqi security forces carried out mass arrests in the main northern city of Mosul as a new crackdown against Al-Qaeda entered its second day on Thursday, officials said.

About 275 people were detained overnight on top of 560 people seized since Tuesday, defence and interior ministry officials said. Fifty of those arrested have since been released.

“The terrorists are hiding in residential districts of the city to avoid (confronting) security forces,” interior ministry spokesman Major General Abdul Kareem Khalaf said.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his top aides travelled to Mosul on Wednesday to spearhead the latest drive, codenamed Mother of Two Springs, against what the Americans have said is Al-Qaeda’s last urban bastion in Iraq.

The American military said they were providing logistical and intelligence support for the Iraqi-led offensive in Mosul.

It is good to see Iraqis take the lead in the final cleansing of Iraq of Islamo Fascists. Iraqis led the way to liberate Basra from the Mahdi Army, are leading the effort to purge Sadr City of the Mahdi thugs and now are leading the effort to clear out the Northern areas of Iraq of al-Qaeda. As many proponents of the war and The Surge said, victory was achievable. Now some are willing to say openly it in big news media outlets – The Surge was a success:

However fitfully it began, the Basra campaign is a sign that Iraqis are in fact “standing up” for their own security. It is also a personal vindication for Mr. Maliki, who recognized to his credit that his government had to have a monopoly on violence in Shiite neighborhoods as much as in Sunni enclaves.

In the last year we were told first that the surge was a military failure, and later that it was a military success but that Iraq’s political class had not lived up to its end of the bargain. In fact, just as surge supporters said, the Iraqis have become more confident and effective the more they have become convinced that the U.S. was not going to cut and run.

As Iraq gains confidence and respect in the Middle East, al-Qaeda and Iran and those who back Islamo Fascism are losing respect and support. Just as we hoped. It was partially due to the fact the US stayed and finished the work, but it was also largely because of all the human atrocities al-Qaeda and their ilk inflicted on their fellow Muslims in Iraq. Those stories now stick to al-Qaeda like the Holocaust sticks to the Nazis, and al-Qaeda has become the enemy of Islam to many.

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  1. piniella says:

    Now some are willing to say openly it in big news media outlets – The Surge was a success:

    Yeah, an editorial in the WSJ, like it hasn’t been in the tank for the war all along.

  2. jb_ says:

    As Opposed to the NYT that has been in the tank for Al Qaeda for who knows how long…

  3. gwood says:

    OK, let’s sum it up:

    twenty six million necks have been removed from the boot heel of a tyrant……

    order restored, democracy installed, disparate Iraqi sects now working in unison…….

    al-Qaida in Iraq defeated, Iran’s attempted meddling thwarted, a huge punch to the face of radical Islam…….

    one less America-hating nation state, that could have sponsored more 9-11’s, replaced by a country now naming streets for George W. Bush……

    It’s going to be fun watching the left attempting to spin this into a defeat for America…

  4. 75 says:

    GWOOD, Exactly!
    Although I will urge one caution:

    The lefties can still lose this war and if and when, of course, they will blame Bushitler.

  5. ivehadit says:

    Great post, GWood. And we can add so much more to that list.
    But the fact the jihadists have one less state from which to operate is a very BIG deal in this long, slow slog of a war against those who want to establish a caliphate across 30 countries. And so much more has been done in many other countries around the world.

    Wake up, libs! This is a VERY serious war we are in. And you think you are going to come into our House, do the EXACT same things as President Bush, and claim YOU are the heroes. NOT, not not!!!

  6. Rich says:

    The reason these successes aren’t heralded more is that the impression of progress can be diminished with one large casualty attack. Its not like the Bush administration hasn’t been trying to draw attention to this but its in a bind. Everyone is quick to second quess such claims. Its the unfortunate reality we live in with such a short term perspective. We want immediate results and immediate gratification and complain when we don’t get it. Its time to grow up, America.

  7. piniella says:

    twenty six million necks have been removed from the boot heel of a tyrant……

    As Paul Wolfowitz pointed out, that’s of little relevance to the decision to invade.

  8. piniella says:

    order restored

    Not in Iraq.

  9. piniella says:

    al-Qaida in Iraq defeated

    DoD transcript, 5/15/2008

    Q Earlier this week Colonel McMaster said that al Qaeda in Iraq was on its way to defeat. Colonel Paschal, when he was describing a few days the situation in the north, had a similarly positive assessment of al Qaeda in Iraq being degraded in the Kirkuk area. Is there more confidence now within the Pentagon and senior leadership that al Qaeda in Iraq has been defeated, more confidence now than there was, say, a few months back?

    MR. MORRELL: I don’t think you’re going to hear anybody at this podium or elsewhere in this building talking at this point about the defeat of al Qaeda. Clearly, their ability to conduct widespread terror within Iraq continues.

  10. piniella says:

    As Opposed to the NYT that has been in the tank for Al Qaeda for who knows how long…

    Google “Judith Miller and Scooter Libby”

  11. gwood says:

    Piniella: “As Paul Wolfowitz pointed out, that’s of little relevance to the decision to invade……” And I agree with him, the decision to invade was born of defensive and pre-emptive considerations. It was concluded that the Iraqi dictator, swimming in oil money thanks to oil-for-food, openly hostile to America, at the time thumbing his nose at international agreements, and having a history of sponsoring terrorism and agression, had the motive and means to attempt to clandestinely sponsor another 9-11. Whether he could have is not debatable, and whether he would have is what is irrelevant.

    The removal of the 26 million necks from the boot heel of the tyrant was just a fringe benefit; that is, for those of us who didn’t claim “not in our name”.

    “Order restored…..”

    “Not in Iraq.”

    As compared to……….the Democratic Party?