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Apr 25 2012

History of the Types of Citizenship in the U.S.

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Since this seems to be a highly debated hot topic issue I decided to provide some history and let the debate be sparked. Due to the legal implications of the definitions of the types of citizens we will be focusing only on the Constitution, US law and SCOTUS cases. We will not be relying on […]

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Apr 24 2012

What Could Add To Obamacare, Higher Taxes & Higher Energy?

Immigration! Senate Democrats are making plans to force a floor vote on legislation that would invalidate Arizona’s controversial immigration statute if the Supreme Court upholds the law this summer. … The legislation would have little chance of passing in a stalemated Senate or being approved by a GOP-held House, but it would allow Democrats to […]

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Apr 23 2012

Where’s AJStrata?

  So, where’s AJStrata been?  Really busy is the short answer. Our little company has been growing since we are on a major program in need of our skill set, so my priorities have been outside politics and on real life. But in addition, the political landscape is barren and boring. Every day we see […]

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Apr 15 2012

The Power Of Stupidity – Or How Snark Killed The Democrats This Election Year

The Democrats were basking in the glow of a really bad GOP primary season. They had successfully turned GOP candidate misfires into the image of the bad ‘ol GOP of yester-year (preachy, prudish and pompous). There was the rich against the poor – with Romney being the near-perfect stereotype of the rich man who won […]

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Apr 12 2012

Boomerang Effect

Tone deaf political consultants can be a real hoot sometimes. Drudge has this up this morning: ‘SHE HAS NEVER WORKED A DAY IN HER LIFE’ But everyone’s knee-jerk response thought is to recall that this person never worked a day in his life either (at a real job before being elected Prez): It impossible not […]

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Apr 11 2012

Justice Served In Trayvon Martin Case

Yes, this the Trayvon Martin killing is a complex and tragic case. As I predicted when first posting on this matter, it was clear charges were coming since George Zimmerman had plenty of off-ramps to avoid the confrontation and the end result. This is the right path to take. This will shut down the nonsense […]

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Apr 09 2012

Latest Study To Prove CO2 Link To Temperature Proves There Is No Link

  As I noted over the weekend, kudos to NBC for firing a producer who lied through omission. The person was fired for snipping out audio that totally changed the story line. A quote was transformed from a response to question on the race of somebody seen to the person apparently being obsessed with blacks. […]

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Apr 07 2012

Good For NBC

In what should be a normal occurrence when any news organization evidence of misinformation in a story (see RaThergAte), we are now living in a day and age when we find the rooting out of liars a rare and special event. With so much bias and filtered news out there (filtered to hide the full […]

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Apr 06 2012

Can Romney Be Energized By VP Choice?

Sorry again for the lack of posting. I am simply stunned with how much work is slamming me at the moment on multiple fronts.  Not to mention we are now in the doldrums of the political season, so my interest in politics is at a true low. Santorum cannot stop Romney – and I am […]

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Apr 01 2012

Final Trayvon Martin Post For A While

The scales of justice can move very slow, but then deliberation is a good thing when dealing with highly emotional and tragic situations. When people’s lives are at stake, taking the time to get it right is not a bad thing. Clearly, the end result in the Tryavon Martin case is going to be one […]

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