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Jul 14 2013

The Effing Punk Got Away

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Update: Here is a good reminder of the limitations of our legal system, and why ‘not guilty’ so many times does not mean ‘innocent’. – end update Zimmerman’s defense team won a Pyrrhic victory yesterday. The prosecution had done its job in many respects. We all know Zimmerman chased down, confronted and – when losing […]

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Jun 25 2013

My Take On Day 1 Of The Trayvon Martin Case

Knock, knock….   Is George Zimmerman screwed?   Royally.

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Jun 02 2013

Forensics Proves Zimmerman’s Account Was Fabricated

George Zimmerman is going on trial for shooting an unarmed kid (Trayvon Martin) as he strolled through his neighborhood chatting with his girlfriend on the phone. This threatening act (walking and talking) raised warning flags for Sheriff George, self-proclaimed neighborhood watch captain who somehow forgot neighborhood watch are never armed and should never confront people. […]

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Feb 12 2013

New Forensic Analysis Makes Damning Conclusions For George Zimmerman

Update: Some commentary on other  sites linking here seem to be under the impression I was the one who limited the range of George Zimmerman’s elbow in the following analysis. As I stated in the post, the placement of his elbow on the ground and next to his side is Zimmerman’s testimony during questioning. It […]

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Jul 16 2012

How Will Witness 9 (GZ’s Molested Cousin) Effect TM Charges?

Well, a bombshell dropped in the George Zimmerman trial for Murder 2 for the killing of young Trayvon Martin: A relative of George Zimmerman claims she was molested by him when they were both children, the latest allegation in the case against the former neighborhood watch volunteer charged in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. […]

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Jul 14 2012

Zimmerman’s Guilded Lies Sealed His Fate

Update II: George Zimmerman’s friend, who relays details to police regarding events of that night portrayed to him by Zimmerman which I discuss below, is not only one time Seminole County Deputy, but also a Federal Air Marshall.  This should be interesting… Major Update: And this is why one needs to read things for themselves.  […]

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Jul 13 2012

George Zimmerman’s Defense Is A Fraud

More evidence was released yesterday, and it is quite extensive and damning. Zimmerman’s defense team was given first shot to cherry pick the evidence made public. It turns out this was a subset of all the evidence collected, evidence that shed the best light on what transpired. But now with more information available it is […]

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Jun 26 2012

The Nail In George Zimmerman False Claims

This post extends analysis I did in a previous post. There has been a lot of excellent analysis in the blogosphere regarding George Zimmerman’s claims about the events surrounding his killing of young Trayvon Martin. Analysis clearly in line with the results of the police investigation and the prosecution’s case. While there are many discrepancies throughout […]

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Jun 24 2012

Crime Scene Proves Zimmerman Covering Up A Different Story

I now understand why the charge against George Zimmerman is Murder 2 and not Manslaughter (as I originally thought would be proper). Whatever happened that night, it is nowhere near what GZ claimed in his numerous and shifting accounts. What I discovered in crime scene photos is undeniable. GZ’s lame attempts to preclude himself being […]

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Jun 22 2012

Zimmerman Faces Anonymous Witness

The information out on the Trayvon Martin case today is truly damning, and surprising. One of the more intriguing audio clips is this 45 minute ‘last interview’ between SDP and Zimmerman.  It should be noted this happened on February 29th, before the public outcries from certain political circles had really spun up. In this clip […]

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