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May 18 2008

Updates On The War In Afghanistan/Pakistan 05_19_08

Lot’s happening in Pakistan as the new government tries to clear out terrorist from the Tribal Areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan (see map).  In Waziristan the government is working a deal with the local Taliban leader, Baitullah Meshud, that is supposed to allow the tribes some autonomy, but all terrorists must be purged from the […]

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May 18 2008

News Media Exposes Secret Action To Free British Hostages – What’s Up With That?

Sometimes you have to wonder if the news media is actually working for the terrorists, especially when they use headlines to warn terrorists of something coming their way.  Take this idiotic news story as an example: British and American Special Forces have started a secret operation inside the Shiite Sadr City of Baghdad searching for […]

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May 18 2008

Updates On The War In Iraq 05_18_08

On this 3rd anniversary of the Strata-Sphere we have mostly good news out there on the war on terror.   First off, the truce between Iraq and the Sadrist’s Mahdi Army seems to be holding (which means those citizens under the shadow of the Mahdi are getting a taste of life without Jihad): Iraqi army […]

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