May 15 2008

Bush Smacks Down Obama And Dems On Their Surrender-At-All-Cost Plans For Iraq

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President Bush took off the gloves and laid one right on the kisser of Barack Obama and his Surrendercrat policy for Iraq:

“Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along,” said Bush, in what White House aides privately acknowledged was a reference to calls by Obama and other Democrats for the U.S. president to sit down for talks with leaders like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“We have heard this foolish delusion before,” Bush said in remarks to the Israeli Knesset. “As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American Senator declared: ‘Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.’ We have an obligation to call this what it is — the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history.”

Appeasement especially seems foolish given the fact Iraq is executing a final mopping up of al-Qaeda in Iraq right now. Why grasp for defeat this close to victory?

In 2007 the Democrats tried to force a retreat from Congress. They even tried to stop The Surge which has brought security to Iraq, political reconciliation across Iraq’s various sects and strength to Maliki’s government. The result is one of the lowest approval ratings for a Congress, achieved faster than ever before. Americans don’t back losers. American know our enemy and are impressed with our success against all odds and cries of doom from the leftward fringes.

The Dems climbed out on this Surrender Branch two years ago and will probably be skewered by it this fall in the Presidential elections. And who knows, if the far right can get its act together and stop slamming moderate and independent conservatives, the Surrendercrat debacle could even change the GOP’s future in Congressional races as well. But that takes more than winning in Iraq, it would take some serious mea culpa’s from those on the far right who now oppose Bush and McCain.

Anyway, Bush’s comment must have left a mark for Mad Dog Doh!-berman to go all foamy-at-the-mouth! Someone needs to check that man for rabies, he really has gone ga-ga.

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39 Responses to “Bush Smacks Down Obama And Dems On Their Surrender-At-All-Cost Plans For Iraq”

  1. upyernoz says:

    if talking to iran equals “surrendering” to them, doesn’t that mean that ronald reagan surrendered to the soviet union?

  2. Terrye says:

    I agree with Bush and if Obama is not planning to chat up with terrorists and dictators…what is he so defensive about?

    And I still like Bush. The man has balls.

  3. 75 says:

    Apparently Upyernoz has a seriously confused take on the difference between conservatives “talking” and leftists “talking”.

  4. Terrye says:

    Obama is such a cry baby. What is he going to do if he wins and actually has to be responsible, take heat, answer questions, get blamed. all that.

  5. 75 says:

    How can Obama win, Terrye? I was under the impression that America was moving to the center?

  6. upyernoz says:

    Apparently Upyernoz has a seriously confused take on the difference between conservatives “talking” and leftists “talking”.

    in other words, you got my point. talking is not the same thing as surrendering, if it were, then we lost the cold war.

    but instead of acknowledging my point openly, you’re falling back on ridiculous mischaracterizations about what “leftists” really mean. it’s quite revealing that you’re no longer damning obama for what he actually said, but instead for what you imagine he might really mean. which is a much weaker argument.

  7. 75 says:

    Upyours, I made no comment about Obama…just you.

    Nice try.

  8. The Macker says:

    When did Kennedy ever successfully negotiate with the enemy? Even Kruschev laughed at him.

    That is not the reason for the UN’s lack of support. The “Oil For Food” scandal played a big role. It was the largest scandal, dollarwise, in the history of the world.

    I had the pleasure of hearing VD Hansen at the Hoover Institute on Tuesday. He gave an overview of the War and the geopolitics. And he wishes Bush would speak up more. I guess we heared from Bush today.

  9. conman says:


    Kennedy successfully negotiated with the Soviet Union on the Cuban Missle Crises. He got them to remove the missles from Cuba while at the same time averting a nuclear war. Had he listen to his more conservative/military advisers, who strongly advocated attacking Cuba and starting WWIII, we would all be obliterated. I think it is fair to call that a significant foreign policy success.

    Oil for food was not the primary reason for the reluctance to support our invasion and it hardly is the largest scandal in history. Do a simple google search and you will see that Enron was a much, much bigger scandal in terms of dollars.


    Obama responded to Bush’s comment and corrected the record, and you call him a cry baby. What is he supposed to do – just sit there and accept it? Does that mean that McFlip-Flop is a cry baby too if he responds to critcism directed at him? Too funny!


    Several of us have noted numerous instances when past presidents, many of whom are respected Republicans, and Bush himself has negotiated with countries we view as our enemies. The only thing you people have said in response is: (1) parrot Bush’s comments about Nazi Germany as if nothing has happened since 1938; and (2) reiterate Bush’s claim that it won’t work. I think it is safe to say that you cannot intelligently defend Bush’s statements because they don’t square with history.

    I hope you are all proud of President Bush. He goes to Israel supposedly to commemorate its 60th anniversary, an important historical moment, and he uses it to launch a partisan attack on the presumptive Democratic nominee. What a petty man!

    AJ, what was it you were saying the other day about the need to stop all of this partisan rhetoric and division? I guess it only applies to people who don’t agree 100% with you, no matter how ridiculous your position may be.

  10. The Macker says:

    You read too much history by Sorenson and McNamara.

    And Bush forced three party talks with N Korea instead of bi-lateral talks with us as Clinton failed at.

    As for going overseas to criticize us and subvert us, you need look no further than Carter and Pelosi.

    Take off your red tinted glasses.

  11. ivehadit says:

    Great posts Macker. I see we have an NEA educated person who think they know it all….and really know nothing.

    And really, confusing the USSR with Iran is such an insult….to the USSR! It’s because the Obamakins don’t understand what appeasement is, that they are doomed to never understand evil.

    But, actually, truth be known, they would give away everything we have to make the Iranians ( and all other thug nations) LIKE US!!!

    It’s a sickness. Bill c. had it. All Kos Kids have it…as well as all global socialists…of which Obama is their spokesman.

  12. Terrye says:


    He can win because people like you let him. And because a lot of people have been so turned off by certain people on the right, it has given the whole bunch a bad name.

  13. Redteam says:

    Norm says: 

    “jesus-h-christ you’ve been talking about a final mopping up of al queda for how long now? 5 years 35,000r how long now? 5 years 35,000”

    Exaggeration?  Note that Strata Sphere will be celebrating it’s 3rd anniversary on May 19.   

  14. Whippet1 says:

    “He can win because people like you let him. And because a lot of people have been so turned off by certain people on the right, it has given the whole bunch a bad name.”

    Left by Terrye on May 15th, 2008

    Ah, spoken like a true Democrat suffering from victimization. Don’t let those pesky facts get in the way…it’s all someone elses fault! At least now you’ve slipped and let the truth be known that it’s all conservatives you have a problem with. Once a liberal always a liberal.

  15. TomAnon says:

    Newt got it right on Fox News last night. I paraphrase here, Newt said, “Obama should have simply said, “the President is right. I will never negotiate with Terrorists””. Obama would have removed all doubt about the “no preconditions” statement for negotiation. He would instantly demonstrate a “bipartisan” attitude, etc. It would have been a clear and massive move to the center. This is such a low risk statement, I cannot believe they could not think this up for themselves.

    But no, Obama assumes the victim mantle and wails and cries how he has been done wrong. His off the cuff comments are becoming increasingly incoherent. Plus he throws a fit over a perfectly sensible statement made by the President at the 60th Anniversary of Israel. There is righteous indignation and there is wailing over a comment that hits to close to home. Clearly the President’s statement hit to close to home for BO.

  16. 75 says:

    Thank you Whippet. I grow weary of suffering fools.

    But I’d certainly like to hear Terrye’s thoughts on what she means by “people like you” and “let him”? Just what kind of person am I, Terrye, and just how, pray tell, would I (and people like me) “let him” win?

  17. 75 says:

    Macker, ever read VDH’s ‘Carnage and Culture’? (or Culture and Carnage…having a dyslexic/memory fade already this morning).

    I highly recommend it if not.

  18. owl says:

    Ivehadit……..just watched Obama give a news conference over this and he is still whining. Whining with a plan. Ohhh he is a toughie! His voice gets all stronger with authority. He is the one who will keep us safe. He says that everyone agrees that George Bush and McCain have been following failed policies and made us “less safe”. Everyone?

    This must be like ‘everyone’ agrees on global warming. He repeats exactly what the MSM has been running with since the Joe & Val show. He also uses the words invaded Iraq. This is a man with a plan.

    He quotes the Dem’s MSM that states all their CRAP as facts.

    Thank God for President Bush.

    If those Pugs in Congress , who are about to lose their jobs, had two brain cells between them all, they would be all over every TV set in America backing up the President’s words. YESTERDAY. Surely these dumbos could at least watch what the Dem’s do and copy? How many Dem Senators did I see on FOX yesterday? Repug idiots. They never get it. It started with the orginal cabinet nominees. All the Pug dimwits had to do was stand up and fight. NOT BUSH, idiot. He is not the enemy. He can not save your sorry hides. He gave you enough red meat to have driven the Dems out of town. He has the spine to actually say the words and what are you doing with it?

    MSM (the real power)
    Dumb Pug Congress
    Selfish one issue pundits

    Is there some deadly force that has sealed the Elected Republican’s mouths????????????????????????????? Are they forced to hide from the cameras????????????? Is something holding them hostage?

  19. 75 says:

    Owl, I found it hysterical that Obama immediately thought Bush’s ‘appeasement’ comments the other day in Israel were about him!