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Apr 30 2010

Why Obamacare Will Fail In The Courts

Mandating consumers to purchase services from an industry involved in the formulation of the mandate, with requisite penalties on the consumer for failing to make said purchases, is clearly an example of special interests run amok. That is the main point of this excellent article on how the liberals are trying to force Americans into […]

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Apr 29 2010

AZ Finds Solution To Illegal Immigrants

Sorry for the light posting again – on travel for a couple of weeks. It has not been hard to understand how to manage migrant or guest workers in the US. It has just been a lack of political will and reasonableness. Those willing to do what it takes to work here will follow the […]

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Apr 28 2010

Economy Improves, But Not Because Of Deficit Spending Spree By Democrats

The economy is finally starting to show small signs of improvement, but a recent study illustrates this is not due to the mad deficit spending of the Democrats in Congress & the White House: The recovery is picking up steam as employers boost payrolls, but economists think the government’s stimulus package and jobs bill had […]

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Apr 27 2010

Democrats Jump The Shark On Immigration

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The state of Arizona has sent the Democrats off the deep end over immigration, just like the Amnesty Hypochondriacs sent the GOP over the edge in 2006 and 2008. Each party has extremists who push too far and exaggerate to the point the middle of America gets completely fed up with the problem of illegal […]

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Apr 25 2010

President Obama: The Quicker Screwer Upper

A friend of mine sent me a picture of a hilarious bumper sticker (foul language alert), which perfectly sums up the mood of the country towards the now ultra-liberal democrat party and its leader President Obama. Due to its crude language I decided to not post it since many long time readers expect this site […]

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Apr 22 2010

Dunces In DC Don’t Comprehend The Word “Cut”

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Democrats in DC are being stupidly stubborn.  They keep thinking of useless things for government to do (like regulate salt content in food), costing us thousands of dollars a year per person for things we don’t want or need. They ARE the cancer of out of control government spending. Take healthcare for example. Under the […]

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Apr 20 2010

Americans Don’t Trust Government, And Naturally Democrats Are The Party Of Government

Our government is out of control. It is sucking the life blood out of this nation and making a mess of things domestically (or admiration for the defenders of this nation is not in question, unless you are from the liberal left and afraid of the military). It has become nag-in-chief, poking its big ugly […]

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Apr 19 2010

Our Judicial System & The Obama Administration Just Blinded Us To Terrorist Attacks

The Obama administration has further blinded us to pending terrorist attacks in a mad game of Russian Roulette to see who is right – President Bush or them and the far left. Sadly for Americans, it is our lives being used to prove the liberal left is correct. Some of us have already died (14) […]

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Apr 18 2010

Iceland’s CO2 Footprint Is Enormous

This week the world is witnessing how trivial humankind is compared to the raw forces of nature, and apparently this lesson will be going on for months to come. More countries were forced to close their air space yesterday as the ash cloud continued to expand across the continent. More than 17,000 flights to and from […]

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Apr 15 2010

How To Manufacture The End Of The World

Major Update At The End! The manufacturing of a non-crisis takes careful consideration and detailed work -and a lot of ignorance or gullibility on the part of the person being targeted with the  faux crisis. The most notorious example of this is of course global warming, where the combination of human ingenuity and cow/pig farts […]

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