May 15 2008

Sadrist Admits To Iranian Backing Of Mahdi Forces

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A spokesman for anti-American Shiite cleric al-Sadr admitted today that Iranian arms are being used by Sadrist and Mahdi Army forces, and then tried to defuse the news with the ‘everyone does it’ BS the news media is so gullible to bite on:

A spokesman for the Sadrist movement of Muqtada al-Sadr, accused by the Americans of receiving funds and weapons from Tehran, added, “Iran sells weapons to anyone who wants and the Sadr movement, al-Qaeda and the parties in Iraq’s political process have Iranian weapons.” He added, “Therefore, it is quite natural to find Iranian weapons because they are sold and bought and any party can buy them.”

Well why are the Mahdi Army launching their Iranian made weapons (magically shipped to the front, without Iranian knowledge, direct from the factory within a matter of weeks) at Iraqi government forces and facilities. Assuming the BS is true (and I don’t) even if everyone did have access to Iranian weapons, only the Sadrist’s Mahdi Army is using them against the Iraq government forces and US forces.

This is doubly troubling with some potential news that not only has Sadr lost control of the Mahdi Army, so has Iran. Apparently Iran sent a message through Iraqi intermediaries to General Petraeus claiming Sadr and his Sadrists where out of control (note, this BBC article keeps trying to salvage the line Basra and the efforts against Sadr’s Mahdi Army by Maliki was a failure, though all indications on the ground show just the opposite – take it all with a grain of liberal news media salt):

Even more intriguingly, the Christian Science Monitor reports a second meeting between President Talabani and Gen Soleimani, in early April.

According to the paper, the latter sent a message to the top American commander in Iraq, Gen Petraeus.
Its tone was surprisingly conciliatory.

“We must all work together – Iraq, Iran and the United States – to stabilise the situation,” the Iranian general reportedly said.

More surprising still, he described Moqtada Sadr as “the biggest threat to peace in Iraq” and said his movement was “outside anyone’s control”.

CSM is one of the worst offending of the overly biased liberal SurrenderMedia (the sight of a US Carrier Group to focus the mind.


If Iran is pointing the finger at Sadr being out of control, and Sadr’s people are admitting they have Iranian weapons, clearly Iran is hinting they trained and armed a group of thugs who are now out of control in Iraq. Seems no one wants to step up and side with the Mahdi Army anymore, now that they are out of control and being exposed as killers.

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  1. BarbaraS says:

    Iran is trying to whitewash themselves. They don’t care if the region is destabalized. In fact, that is their goal. I do hope our government is not snowed with this garbage. The libedrals will be. But then, they believe what they want to believe in the teeth of all facts. After all, there is no truth only opinions. I hate what they have done to this country.

    OT. I saw where the senate passed the bill to put the polar bears on the endangered list. This will bring a lot more persecution under the umbrella of the Endangered Species Act. We are totally screwed.

  2. upyernoz says:

    iran gives assistance to sadr, the SIIC, and maliki’s iraqi government. in fact, the SIIC (formerly called the SCIRI) are considered to be members of the iranian republican guard and even draw their pension from the iranian government. nevertheless, president bush is a big supporters of the SIIC. he invited their leader to meet him at the white house. last month the badr organization, the official militia of the SIIC, fought along side u.s. forces against sadr.

    once again, the fact that you’re screaming about sadr as an iranian stooge when official u.s. policy is to support a completely different iranian stooge. american policy in iraq makes no sense at all, largely because bush and his few remaining supporters don’t seem to be able to tell the various middle eastern factions apart.